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Best Beauty Pageant Questions And Answers

Here's a list of the best beauty pageant question and answers. Whom do you think has the most natural answer and the most pageant patty one?

Best beauty pageant questions and answers

Sushmita Sen of India - Miss Universe 1994
Question: What is the essence of being a woman?
Answer: "Just being a woman is God's gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman."

sushmita sen


Gloria Diaz of Philippines - Miss Universe 1969

Question: In the next day or so, a man will land on the moon. If a man from the moon landed in your hometown, what would you do to entertain him?

Answer: "Oh, just the same things I do. I think if he has been on the moon for so long, I think when he comes over he wants to change, I guess."

The Manila's times Cover after Gloria Diaz's crowning
The Manila's times Cover after Gloria Diaz's crowning

Brook Mahealani Lee of USA - Miss Universe 1997

Question: If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?

Answer: "I would eat everything in the world. You do not understand. I will eat everything twice."

brook mahealani

Lara Dutta of India - Miss Universe 2000

Question: Right now there is a protest going on right outside here calling the Miss Universe Pageant disrespectful of women. Convince them they are wrong.

Answer: "I think pageants like the Miss Universe pageant gives us young women a platform to foray in the fields that we want to and forge ahead, be it entrepreneurship, be it the armed force, be it politics. It gives us a platform to voice our choices and opinions, and makes us strong, independent that we are today. "

lara dutta Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta's crowning

Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana - Miss Universe 1999

Question: "If miss universe would become pregnant during her reign, could she be allowed to continue as Miss Universe? "

Answer: "Personally I think miss universe is a symbol of a woman in prone to celebrate her femininity. And I believe that... (Applause) Thank you... And I believe that if she got pregnant, you are not supposed to end the title. But, as a woman she should celebrate her femininity. Thank you"

mpule kwelagob

Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela - Miss Universe 2008

Question: Which have it easier in life: men or women?

Answer: "God made us to share and have differences, but big differences? I don't think so. The difference is that men think, they think that the faster way to go to a point is to go straight, and women know that the faster way to go to a point is go the curves and fix every curls"

dayana mendoza miss universe
Oxana Fedorova of Russia - Miss Universe 2002

Question: What makes you blush?

Answer: "When I say the wrong things. "

oxana fedorova Oxana Fedorova Miss Universe 2002 with former owner of the Miss Universe Organization Donald Trump

Janine Tugonon of Philippines- Miss Universe 2012 1st Runner-Up

Question: As an international ambassador, do you believe that speaking English should be a pre-requisite to being Miss Universe? Why or why not?

Answer: For me, being Miss Universe is not just about knowing how to speak a specific language. It's being able to influence and inspire other people...So whatever language you have, as long as your heart is to serve and you have a strong mind...to...to show to people, then you can be Miss Universe. Thank you!"

janine tugonon