Miss Universe

Miss Universe contestants during the preliminary interview.

Here you can see the girls during the preliminary interview and pre-judging of the swimsuit were held hours before the national costume show. Monic Marie Perez poses in a gorgeous red dress with Desiree Lowry, Director of the MUPR org, and designer Harry Robles. Ariella Arida, Miss Philippines also shared her photos, we can see her with Miss Paraguay Guadalupe Gonzalez. Miss Universe Organization posted a video of Miss Philippines Ariella Arida about the interview "#MissUniverse Philippines tells us about her Preliminary Interview, sounds like she did amazing! Except for she got stressed when they asked her about stress" HERE. Finally you can see one of the big favorite for the famous beauty pageant, I talk about Patricia Rodriguez from Spain. This gorgeous brunette seduced a big part of pageant experts with her doll & latina face. I think Spain will come back in Miss Universe 2013!! (I never understand why they never made good ranks, when I saw Adriana Reveron, Andrea Huisgen, very beautiful girls and they were forgot...)






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