Miss Grand International

Arna Yr has been told she's "too fat to win Miss Grand International 2016"

Miss Iceland Arna Yr has left Miss Grand International 2016 pageant just 2 days before the finals. As per reports, the organizer of the pageant Mr. Nawat had asked her to lose fat before finals.
“Stop eating breakfast, eat just salad for lunch and drink water every evening until the contest,” was the no-nonsense advice passed on to Arna Ýr by spokespeople of the founder and owner of the Miss Grand International beauty contest, Thai TV presenter Nawat Itsaragrisil.



Before leaving, she left a note in Icelandic on her Facebook profile, along with her picture in a swimsuit.

"I stopped. I’m not a range of beauty contest Miss Grand International. Lovely people contacted me who is going to bring me home in the morning, I left the hotel and the price the rest of the night.
I left a letter to the owner and explained how ridiculous this is a message.
“If you are going to do an international beauty pageant you at least have to be Able to see the international beauty” I said to the owner of the competition.
This was not a misunderstanding but I was told to say that I’m terribly sorry.
Thanks so much for your support! I go home as a winner and proud Icelander most in the world."
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