Meet Lia Kees, Miss Europe World Next Top Model 2016

Her career started in 2009. Lia Kees, 21, recently won the 2016 Miss Europe World Next Top Model Pageant in Lebanon. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, the beauty queen moved to Czech Republic in 2009. Since her crowning Lia travels the world and works with many international famous photographers. As a model her first big success was front page of Playboy magazine in 2014 & 2015.

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Get to know Lia Kees

You won the title of of Miss Europe - World Next Top Model 2016. What does that title represent for you?
First of all I represent a title. The goal is to represent the new generation of European Women. I would like to show that we are proud to be European. .

What is your favorite pageant or which pageant do you recommend others to compete in?

The Miss Europe World Next Top Model was my first experience in the pageant world. I would like to go to another one but I still don't know which one.

Memories from the Miss Europe World Next Top Model Pageant
Memories from the Miss Europe World Next Top Model Pageant

For you, what constitutes true beauty ?

Without any doubt, true beauty is a mix between : A strong personality, hard work and a healthy body.

Some people say that beauty pageants are degrading to women, same with fashion magazines. How can you convince them that they're wrong?

I wouldn't like to convince them because there are many opinions in this world. The industry workes with emotions which trigger our communities in different ways so no need to convince anybody.

What is your opinion about pageants that are being held worldwide for kids (-18 year old) ? Do you support these kind of pageants or are you against them? Please explain

I am against it because young girls are not ready to support the pressure from beauty contestants. When you are a child, you don't have enough distance from the business world.

The gorgeous Lia Kees working as a model
The gorgeous Lia Kees working as a model

What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry?

I work hard to develop my career. I follow a strategy. Competing in Pageants made me learn how to think positive.

lia kees bodyy

lia kees selfie

Who has the greatest influence on your life?

Of course my family. They are with me despite every situation. The good and the bad;

What is the best thing that happened to you ?

The best thing that happened to me is that I had the chance to open my mind very early. This gave me the opportunity to live as an indepenent woman very early.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I'm too young to answer to this questions. I guess i can give you an answer in 30 years.

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