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Confessions of a Miss: Miss World Spain, Lourdes Rodríguez

Lourdes Rodríguez, Miss World Spain 2014, speaks exclusively with MissUniversUsa.com, were she speaks about herself, the impact that has had in her life the Miss World Spain crown and her expectations for the Miss World pageant taking place in London on December.

Who is Lourdes Rodríguez?

Lourdes Rodríguez is a person who is humble, close and a fighter. As I am a person of flesh and bone, I also have my flaws; nevertheless I try to transform them to be better and grow as a person. I am 20 years old, live in Daimiel (Ciudad Real) and I am a student of Modern Languages and Literature (English, French and German). Among my hobbies there is cinema, reading and ballet (my talent at Miss World Spain). I also like to hear classical music because it relaxes and inspires me and pop music too.

How has your life changed since you were crowned Miss World Spain?

The truth is that it has been quite a change because I used to go to the University and I didn't care if I wear make-up, for example. Now, however, I am preparing myself for all the fast-tracks at Miss World and I have to attend various events looking perfect. Moreover, I have been travelling a lot and that is something that I love because in two weeks I travelled to two different cities meeting new people.

Many misses have said that their dream since a child was to participate in a pageant as prestigious as a Miss World. Was this your case? And if so, why?

Yes, since I was a children I used to watch pageants from Spain and I liked them. I remember telling my mom I wanted to participate in one of those contests and it happened... I consider that winning a beauty pageant could open doors for me to enter in the fashion world. On the other hand, the winner travels very much and it is amazing how much you learn. Furthermore, with one of the fast-tracks of Miss World, "Beauty with a Purpose", I have the oportunity to support social causes in Spain.

The Miss World demands an arduous preparation to get the coveted crown. Which fast-tracks are you emphasazing the most?

I believe one of the most important fast-tracks is "Beauty With a Purpose". Being the ambassador of people with Alzheimer and to let people know a little bit more about it is an honor for me. Apart from that, I am preparing my talent, my dance for "Dances of the World", the catwalk for Top Model and I go to the gym daily to be the best "Beach Beauty".

Do you think you can surpass the performance of your predecessor, Elena Ibarbia?

I think with great preparation I can achieve it, yes. In fact, my organization is betting on me and is preparing me to get a better result than Elena and if it can be for the blue crown, even better.

At Miss World, they are looking for a complete woman. How would you describe a contestant deserving the title?

Exactly, a Miss World should be a complete person, not only beautiful on the outside. Must have different skills that make her deserving of the title such as intelligence, elegance, inner beauty and enough charisma to win everybody. In my opinion, the set of all these features combined with "objective" physical beauty for everybody, molded body due to exercise and a healthy life would be the perfect Miss World.

A lot of people stereotype beauty pageants by former incidents, what would you do to prove them wrong?

The first thing would be to meet in person and talk because my closeness would be the thing that would reach to everybody who think that misses are Barbies. A miss is a not beautiful person, but not intelligent at all. I do not consider myself like that, I have my studies and cultural knowledge. Although day by day I try to improve and learn everything I can because I am a perfeccionist.

Recently, your fellow Patricia Rodríguez announced her homosexuality. What is your opinion about it?

The fact that Patricia made her relationship public is perfect for me, because she has been the first accepting it. Nobody should criticize her for who she loves, instead for who she really is, for what she has achieved and for the person she will become. That's what should matter for all of us, our Universal Vicereine. I support free love because the important aspect in a couple is not the person, is the respect between them and the love they have for each other.

Who is your favorite Miss World and why?

For me, the best is Megan Young, our current Miss World. I see a charismatic girl, with fantastic people skills. Also, she is a woman who is travelling around the world and for that, I admire her; I would like to get to know all the countries. And we cannot deny her beauty, she could be a miss in any other country, not just Phillippines.

How do you imagine your life in ten years?

Well there is still a long way off and I am not a fortune teller... What I would say is that I would love that I have travelled to many places, have an important place in the fashion world or advertising and living happily with my family.

Behind closed doors...

A scent: The rose

A flavor: Dark chocolate

Your favorite book: The Book Thief

The person you admire the most: My mother

A song: BSO from The Schindler's List

A quote you always say: "Better late than never"

One thing you must have on your purse: Pictures of my friends and family

The secret of your success: Being myself

Thanks to Lourdes for letting us have this interview with her. Good luck at Miss World!

Also we would like to thank the Be Miss Organization, specially Ricardo Rodríguez.

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