Gabriela Isler

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What do you think about plastic surgery and what do you think of this race for beauty at any cost?
"This frenzy to plastic surgery isn't necessarily a race that young girls or women in general are to become beautiful or Top Models. I think this is a race that society imposes. We are bombarded with advertising, commercials or magazine covers or woman is shown as something perfectly plastic. Women therefore necessarily want to follow this trend.
Sometimes, women think that the best way to achieve their goal is to go through plastic surgery. I support plastic surgery when it is a matter of self esteem. When confidence is shaken, I can at this time support plastic surgery. But if it is only for a nose, chest or to redo everything and anything, I don't support."


How the title of Miss Universe changed your life?

Oh my god...A lot of things. First, I don't have a private life now and I have to live with that, even if it's very difficult. But be Miss Universe is a true benediction. With this title I made venezuelan, my family and my friends proud and it was the most important. I have the power to make people happy.



What's your advices to all this girls who dream to be Miss Universe one day ?
If you don't believe in yourself, nobody will believe in you. (From LeMatin.Ma)

During her trip in Morocco, Gabriela Isler had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. It is the largest mosque in the country and the 7th largest in the world. In 1961 King Hassan II had requested for the best of the country's artisans to come forward and submit plans for a mausoleum to honour the departed king; it should "reflect the fervor and veneration with which this illustrious man was regarded."



After her trip in Casablanca, Morocco, Miss Universe Gabriela Isler is back in New York. She posted on her twitter account a selfie 'My first day in New York without a coat. #Spring'

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