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Kristhielee Caride was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after losing the crown

Kristhielee Caride was stripped of the title of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 on March 17, 2016. The official reason ? She doesn't like the cameras. She was quickly replaced by Brenda Jimenez.

'This situation hit me very hard' WHERE ID = Kristhielee Caride told Univision. 'I can tell you I need some help because a dark depression comes over me.'

Kristhielee Caride was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after losing the crown

Caride said she has gotten her depression 'under control' and now plans to sue the organization that turned on her. '(I feel) betrayed by the organization because there was never a moment that I disrespected them,' she told Univision.
'There wasn't a reason for them to do what they did to me.'

Earlier this week Kristhielee's mother shared on Facebook that her daughter's emotional health was her priority. 'If my children fall, the world crumbles for me,' she wrote.
Caride apologized to her fans in a Facebook note earlier this month and revealed she had been having personal problems in the day leading up to the interview.

'Beauty queens are not exempt from having a bad day,' she wrote in Spanish. 'I allowed my feelings to get in the way of my work.'
'It is human to err, it is also courageous to recognize our errors and I want to continue being an example of a real woman with purpose that maintains their head held high before all adversity that happens in life.'
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