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Miss Germany Sarah Lorraine Riek reacts to the controversy

After saying that she was unhappy with the victory of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe Germany Sarah Lorraine Riek has issued an apology to the Filipina beauty queen.

Sarah Lorraine Riek's statement

"Good morning Philippines, good morning MU fans, good morning world. Some of you might have seen that I took a lot of time and effort the past 24 hours to answer each and everyone of you, to answer all questions. I really wanted to speak to you as a friend, reachable, personally. I spoke my heart and my soul. I decided to go this way on my private Instagram and not trough media. I got offered many live tv interviews but I don't see the sense in getting paid for an apologize so I hope you appreciate this way as it's meant to be from soul to soul.

I want to stand up for, what's been done not only to me but all the girls. Around Miss Universe, there is media, a billion dollar business that only works with scandals, as you never get enough attention with writing about flowers and butterflies. The public loves scandals and the media does not care who's involved. Sadly there were 80 beautiful contestants, who were in between all this mess. I understand that a lot of people are angry and dissapointed about for example a interview about me going viral. I was not able to watch it a second time as it made me so angry, so here some answers. The Video in some part is cutted, manipulated as it's not even my real voice in some parts, the context of some questions got stolen and wrongly transkripted. There was loud music and I was very emotional and angry AND it looks quite real, but we spoke to professionals and they said what's been done is quite easy.

My intention was, that I was very angry with the result and end of an amazing show. If the host truly did a mistake, I forgive him as it's human. In that moment I was just angry, I believed it was all for PR. The press which was Latin TV not any pageant page (!) tried to link me with questions about the voting as they of course wanted to see her country winning. What's seen in the final video is out of any context and I'm sorry if these words hurted anyone as they are just not true! I never said anything against one of the girls. I said also in the video that I wish pia all the best for her year and when they asked me, that Ariadna should've been able to pass the crown with pride to her. "

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