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Panama is no longer withdrawing from Miss Universe

One month ago Panama announced that they refused to participate in this year's Miss Universe pageant, a contest partially owned by 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump, after the business tycoon generated global backlash with disparaging remarks about Mexicans immigrating to the United States.

They just announced that the country is no longer withdrawing from the Miss Universe pageant! Here is the official statement released on the official Miss Panama Org. website this afternoon.

From the Miss Panama Organization

"Press motivates the participation of Miss Universe Panama. After much criticism, the Miss Universe Organization has ensured that the contest is based on the diversity of cultures and inclusion, for this reason and the Organization Telemetro Miss Panama have decided to accede to send a representative.

Almost a month ago, the Organization Telemetro Miss Panama and Panama has decided that it would not participate in the contest, but it was made clear that the 'decision would be re-assessed only should there be an apology or appropriate conditions of tolerance between nations guarantee'.

Donald Trump with Miss Universe 2002 Justine Pasek
Donald Trump with Miss Universe 2002 Justine Pasek

Following is the full statement: 'In response to the conditional guideline announced by FOX and the Miss Panama Organization to access the participation of a national representative in the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, public knowledge is that we receive written notice of the office of international franchises of the Miss Universe Organization shows.

In this communication, calling them unfortunate and out of control events that negatively impacted the contest, it is emphasized that the event is based on inclusion rather than exclusion and will continue to be a celebration of diversity and of all cultures.

The communication highlights the work of women's empowerment and raising awareness for numerous philanthropic activities, provided over the 64 years of the competition.

Given this renewed commitment in writing, given the formality of such communication, we have concluded that deprives a higher interest to respect the aspects of multiculturalism and diversity of all contestants, conditions that were requested by Panama to reconsider our decision, and this provides the proper context for sending a local representative to international competition. This selection will be included in the next Miss Panama contest, to be held next August 24."
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