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Miss Universe Canada 2015 Contestants

Chanel Beckenlehner, Miss Universe Canada 2014 will crown Miss Universe Canada 2015 at the end of the pageant this Saturday, May 23rd, 2015. The top 20 semi-finalists from Thursday’s Pageant Presentation Show will compete for the title of Miss Universe Canada 2015 in front of a judging panel as well as our live audience in the traditional categories (Swimwear and Evening Gown), plus the addition of a live interview/question and answer segment. However, all 65+ delegates will be involved in production numbers throughout the show.

Sonny Borrelli and Chelsae Durocher will host the Pageant at the Bluma Appel Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto.

The winner will represent Canada at Miss Universe 2015! Canada is one of only four countries (along with France, Germany, and the USA) which has competed in each Miss Universe® pageant since its inception in 1952.

Miss Universe Canada 2015 Contestants

Akirta Sran Miss Canada 2015
Akirta Sran

Skye Nwaelleh
Skye Nwaelleh

Sunny Dhaliwal
Sunny Dhaliwal

Vanessa Chauhan Miss Canada 2015
Vanessa Chauhan

Veronica Allen
Veronica Allen

Yass Sadr miss canada 2015
Yass Sadr

Wilma Gendb
Wilma Gendb

Monika Horvat
Monika Horvat

Paola Nunez Valdez
Paola Nunez Valdez

Michelle McKay Miss Canada 2015
Michelle McKay

Melanie McGregor
Melanie McGregor

Maleeka Singh
Maleeka Singh

Madison Colberg
Madison Colberg

Maddison Fysh
Maddison Fysh

Joana Szeen Miss Canada 2015
Joana Szeen

Lavanya Hiremath
Lavanya Hiremath

Lauren Heinsar Miss Canada 2015
Lauren Heinsar

Kaydee Guillaume
Kaydee Guillaume

Kathryn Kohut
Kathryn Kohut

Kara Granger Miss Canada 2015
Kara Granger

Jasmine Parmar Miss Canada 2015
Jasmine Parmar

Jessie Must Miss Canada 201
Jessie Must

Jaime Vanderberg
Jaime Vanderberg

Hannah Simard Miss Canada 2015
Hannah Simard

Elika Loriamini Miss Canada 2015
Elika Loriamini

Hannah Amodeo Miss Canada 2015
Hannah Amodeo

Emily Thompson Miss Canada 2015
Emily Thompson

Danielle Kadjo miss canada 2015
Danielle Kadjo

Alana Tchorna Miss Canada 2015
Alana Tchorna

Alyssa Wyspianski Miss Canada 2015
Alyssa Wyspianski

Amanda Ste-Marie Miss Canada 2015
Amanda Ste-Marie

Arezoo Payvar Miss Canada 2015
Arezoo Payvar

Ariet Opolo Miss Canada 2015
Ariet Opolo

Bailee Simonin Miss Canada 2015
Bailee Simonin

Brianne McKaughan Miss Canada 2015
Brianne McKaughan

Brittany Michalchuk Miss Canada 2015
Brittany Michalchuk

Brittany Oakley Miss Canada 2015
Brittany Oakley

Brynn Blackwood Miss Canada 2015
Brynn Blackwood

Cassandra Hilborn Miss Canada 2015
Cassandra Hilborn

Chayla Maracle Miss Canada 2015
Chayla Maracle

Claire Armstrong Miss Canada 2015
Claire Armstrong

Cree Big Plume Miss Canada 2015
Cree Big Plume

Geri Boudy Miss Canada 2015
Geri Boudy

Who will be Miss Universe Canada 2015 ?

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