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Miss Universe 2015 : After The Defeat

Miss Serbia Andjelka Tomasevic, Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos and Miss Russia Yulia Alipova were strong contestants for the Miss Universe Pageant in Miami, but they didn't make the TOP 15 and surprised everybody.

After her defeat Miss Russia has reacted with a "I AM rich, and I do not need you, for nothing, Mr. Trump". A lot of people have criticized her for this reaction, very 'childish'. For some contestants the Pageant is unfair, it’s true that so many people are bored with Latina winners of Miss Universe.

The Whole presentation was Dominated by "Spanish community" from half of the judges to the singing Performers. We bet the only reason Why Miss Netherlands made it to the top 5 is because she looks very latina.

Miss Russia 2014 Yulia Alipova

Julia Alipova Miss Russia I am rich
Miss Russia Yulia Alipova at the Miss Universe Pageant in Miami

Miss Costa Rica 2014 Karina Ramos

Costa Rica’s Karina Ramos, has accepted her defeat and is satisfied with her outcome. She did not pointed out any girls who does not deserve to be in the top 15. "There were no favoritism every girl took turns and waited in line." She has enjoyed every step leading to the final night.

She was the biggest surprise because even Donald Trump owner of the Miss Universe Franchise doesn’t maintain an unbiased opinion. Instead, he tweeted about his favorite candidate, Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos.

Karina Ramos Miss Costa Rica
Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos with her national flag

Miss Serbia 2014 Andjelka Tomasevic

Miss Serbia, Andjelka Tomasevic wrote a message on her instagram account "Interestingly enough,after Miss Universe had come to an end,it was more discussed about the fact that Serbia and Russia had not succeed more than they had. Moreover,about the fact that Jamaica hadn't won was something that was mentioned.

I had a lovely time in Miami owing to the fantastic girls I was with. I met amazing people and had magnificent views since the nature and the city are beautiful. I did my best to present my country and myself in a good way.

Not trying to seem pretty modest, I must say that many sites and media speculated on how Serbia and Russia should have gone further in placement,since,as they say,they deserved it,as well as some other countries.

Miss Serbia with Miss Colombia Paulina Vega
Miss Serbia Andjelka Tomasevic with Miss Colombia Paulina Vega

Many hoped foped for more and expectations were great. Be that as it may, what I want to say is that Miss Universe is not about true beauty of body and soul. I am disappointed in political manifestation of one and 'money-makes-the-world-go-round' perspective incorporated in every field.

This is what I think generally of this. As far as I am concerned, I am not angry or disappointed in my sphere of interest nor am I lost in terms of faith and hopes.

However,all things included make me realise how actually things work. Hard work and sincere approach are not respected. I hope this would change and make many girls happy in the future. I am not writing this because I am angry. "
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