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The Miss World Pageant is different from the rest

The Miss World Pageant allows young women the opportunity to reach their highest potential, to grow and be empowered and to accept challenges and obstacles as stepping stones to succeeding.It is known that most young women may indeed feel challenged and overwhelmed by their environment as it pertains to work, school, peers, individuality, dating,etc. The fact is that once you have the courage and determination to define your purpose then indeed the world and its challenges become effortless.The Miss World pageant allows you to grown and overcome your challenges. It's not only about beauty and about a body. It gives you the perfect opportunity to realize your dreams. It teaches you that giving up is not an option. It teaches you to be humble, kind, grateful and sincere. It makes you want to change the world and make a difference in the lives of others --none of which is easy -none of which comes without hard work and determination. You attain the ability to let go of your fears and focus on what is important, not only to you but to the world.Challenges are all a part of growing up and yes, many of you may look at the Miss World pageant as a difficult challenge to overcome and while pageantry may not be for everyone it can be an opportunity when you align yourself with a pageant that speaks to you --one that can hone/promote your skills, unleash your passions and allow you to grow into the person you want to be. The fact that you may question your athletic abilities until you add a little physical power, mind over matter and determination to it. The fact that you may think you have no special skills or talent until you are inspired and motivated to try something you always wanted to do and actually become proficient at it. The fact that you may think you don't have what it takes to model until you start walking one foot in front the other with confidence. The fact that you may not think of yourself as a good communicator or public speaker until you try enunciating your words with your thoughts the way it should sound. The fact that you may never know how good you are until you tap into your strengths and unleash them. Indeed, the Miss World pageant is not the making of a super model but the making of a superwoman for one need to have many skills and abilities --mental and physical to win the ultimate prize
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