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Ximena Navarrete and William Levy : It's official !

Diario Basta said it has gotten a recording of Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete confessing being in a relationship with Levy. "It's very strong, and we get on well," she said. The recording allegedly features Navarrete saying that she doesn't feel guilty about being with a married man. The former beauty queen also talks about the images of the two at a Miami hotel. At first, she supposedly felt anxious about the pictures but then she got over it.

Ximena Navarrete y William Levy

"I had taken on the responsibility of making sure we weren't seen because he went to visit me, you understand?" she said. "I've been as careful as possible."
Though the quotes have been revealed, the recording has not.
The supposed quotes would also paint Navarrete in a different light. Throughout the whole situation, the actress has tried to defend herself by saying that she is not breaking up anyone's marriage. She has also explained that her fans would not believe these rumors because they know the kind of person she is.

Ximena Navarrete Miss Universo and William Levy

"It's part of the show," she said. "Life has to continue, and I'd prefer to not even talk about this. One has their private , and I live happy and calmly knowing what happens in my life. And that's what's important."
Another question with the recording is whether it is new or old.

At the very least, it would be after June because that's when the pictures of what appeared to look like Levy and Navarrete at a hotel surfaced, and this incident is mentioned in the quotes. In recent weeks, there have been signs of a happy relationship between Levy and Gutierrez, so if it is a real recording, then it could still not be relevant. From the Latin Post.

William Levy con Ximena Navarrete
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