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Miss Panama Yomatsy Hazlewood : "A woman of colour can do anything"

The Miss Universe Panama, Yomatzy Hazlewood gave an interview to Trinidad Express Newspapers during her visit to Trinidad and Tobago that was part of the numerous prizes that were granted to her by winning the Miss Panama 2014. 

The importance of the Miss Panama Title

“In Panama the people was accustomed to white girls with blue eyes to represent Panama at Miss Universe, but this year is different because I’m a black girl with brown eyes. So in the beginning, some people were like ‘Why her? Why?’ but others say that by sending another type of girl maybe there will be a better result in the Miss Universe competition”.

Yomatsy Hazlewood Miss Panama Universe 2014
Yomatsy Hazlewood Miss Panama Universe 2014

“I couldn’t believe what had happened I was so excited because I had made a lot of sacrifices before and during the competition”.

The sacrifice for the Miss Panama Pageant

“They told me I was crazy. Some asked why I would leave my job for a beauty contest. They wondered what was happening to me. I told them that with my ability to speak English, it would not be as difficult for me to get another job opportunity but that the only opportunity I had to be in a beauty contest was this one and I had to work hard at it and be my best”.

What Yomatsy Hazlewood wants to prove

“I feel I need to prove mostly to the people of Panama that a woman of colour can do anything”.

What characterizes a Panamanian

“We are most known for the Canal de Panama but we are a special people. We give a lot of warmth when meeting people from different nations and we are also unified as a nation. When there is any special cause or unrest we come together as a people.”

About Miss Universe

“But while growing up, I saw the Miss Universe pageant on television and I remember saying “those women are beautiful, one day I will like to be like that” but I didn’t think of it any further because I didn’t believe it was possible. Then this year I thought, they are women and I’m a woman too, so I can do it!”

The reaction of her family after being crowned

“That night... The house wanted to tumble. They were so happy that I made it.”

The secret of Latinas at Miss Universe

“It’s the flavour, the charisma”.

She is ready to take on the Miss Universe

“Well, its 90, 91 girls so I need to shine because every woman who goes to Miss Universe is beautiful. That’s why I need to be myself. I’m feeling good, I’m very confident. I will be me. I will be the same Yomatsy, I don’t want to imitate nobody. And I know I will be carrying the love of Panama.”
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