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Honey Lee, a Korean Star !

Lee Ha-nee (Hangul: 이하늬) better known as Honey Lee became Riyo Mori's 3rd runner-up at Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City. After Miss Universe, Honey Lee became a star in South Korea. She is now an endorsed model for Tommy Hilfiger Korea, DAKS and Vogue. She also has been involved in volunteer work for UNICEF.

Lee Ha-nee (Hangul: 이하늬

Honey Lee, Miss Korea was expected to win the title of Miss Universe when Mexico hosted the pageant. We’ll never know the judges reasoning as to why Miss Korea placed 3rd runner-up, but what we do know is that Honey Lee is one of the most beautiful contestants ever to grace Miss Universe’s stage.

honey lee in mexico city

Honey Lee is also an actress and one of the most well-known vegetarians in Korea with her TV show, Lee Ha-Nui's Vegan Recipe. Below, Lee showed off her lunch box with Having been on a vegetarian diet for eight years, Lee showed her lunch box with ‘meat’ made out of beans. “At first, I was frustrated because I couldn’t buy bean meat easily, and I decided to make it on my own," said Lee. “Koreans usually feel full when they have ssam. Eating bean meat wrapped in lettuce and other vegetables is good for your health and makes you feel full."

honey lee shares the secret of her perfect figure

In April 2009, Honey Lee and famous actor Lee Min Ho of Boys Over Flowers were chosen by Pepsi to model for their new zero-calorie soda drink called Pepsi Nex.

Lee Ha-nee (Hangul: 이하늬)  for pepsi nex

Honey Lee's new film Tazza 2 will be out in early september. Tazza 2 is an upcoming South Korean gambling film directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol based on Huh Young-man and Kim Se-yeong's manhwa of the same name. Below Lee Ha Nui Attends a Press Conference of Upcoming Film 'Tazza 2 Hand of God'.

honey lee

Lee has already played in 4 films: Hit, Deranged, I am King, Tazza 2 and in several television series: Partner, Indomitable Daughters-in-Law, Shark, To The Beautiful You, Immortal Classic and Pasta (MBC).

honey lee for elle magazine
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