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Congratulations to our Miss Universe from Venezuela, Gabriela Isler. It's official she is the new face of Peugeot. She will be in Casablanca, Marocco on April 8th. Sopriam Peugeot signed a contract with Miss Universe Organization. A special event to introduce Peugeot's new face will be held, a lot of french celebrities will also be here: Marisa Berenson, Elodie Frégé, Delphine Chaneac, William Carnimolla, Karima Adebibe, Aline Lahoud, etc. Use a star to be the face of a car? It's the last trending. We think about the supermodel Claudia Schiffer who has been recruited by Opel as its new brand ambassador.

Gabriela Isler will represent the Peugeot 308. The Peugeot 308 has won the European Car of the Year award. The voting announcement has become the first big event of the Geneva Show every year.

Miss Venezuela Crowned Miss Universe 2013 - Moscow

Molly Isler as her fans nicknamed her posted a photo via her instagram account @Mollysler 'Mi compañero de sueños... Mi sueño, @albertoadft'. Alberto D. Figueroa T. is her boyfriend and she always said she miss him so much. Indeed, during her reign as Miss Universe she lives on an apartment in New York with Miss Usa Erin Brady and Miss Teen Usa Cassidy Wolf. Every year it's very difficult for the titleholder to live far from her family and her friends.


Last year, Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo also had the opportunity to visit Marocco, with Gabriela Isler it will be the second time for a Miss Universe. It was one of Olivia's favorite trip.


'Conocen el caso de Malala Yousafzai???... Ella es considerada la niña MAS valiente del mundo por alzar su voz y exigir el derecho a la educación por igual, sin temerle a nadie..Pensaron que silenciandola iban a callar su voz... Pero se equivocaron, a partir de allí surgieron millones de voces que clamaban sus derechos... Increíble historia!! Se encuentra nominada al Premio Nobel de la Paz... Dios la bendiga y bendiga a TODOS los estudiantes que son el futuro de nuestro mundo...'

Via Instagram, english version : Do you know Malala Yousafzai ???... She is considered as the most courageous girl in the world, to claiming rights education. Since her claim, millions of people also claimed this right. Awesome story! She is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. God bless all students, they are our future.

It's of course a reference to the situation to her country, Venezuela, where students protest for their rights and against Maduro's government.

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