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How all beauty queens are concerned by the situation in Venezuela.

Miss Universe Gabriela Isler's comeback was originally planed on thursday february 20th. Unfortunately and due to the political situation, Miss Universe Organization decided to cancelled it. A few days after, Genesis Carmona was shot. After Monica Spear's death, Miss Venezuela 2004, it was a shock.

Indeed, for Venezuelan, Miss Universe and Miss World Pageant are VERY important. Due to the fact that they win regularly.


It was really crazy to see how this campaign 'Misses4Peace' had an impact, photos on twitter were retweeted and quoted several thousands times. The project became bigger.

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008 and Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009 are really involved for Venezuela. They posted a lot of tweets about their love for their country Venezuela on their twitter accounts (@dayanamendoza and @stefaniafkrupij). Dayana thanked Jared Leto via instagram and twitter, indeed he used his Oscar speech Sunday night to give a shout out to protesters in Ukraine and Venezuela.


Dayana and Stefania made the choice to live in New York, even they're still in love with their Venezuela. Photo : LaPatilla.com


Dayana Mendoza was kidnapped in 2007 and was upset by that. She claimed that this experience helped her stay balanced and calm during the Miss Universe Pageant. She also said 'It's something that happens in Venezuela if you're out after 8pm.'

For the project Misses4Peace I would love to have Miss World 2011, Ivian Sarcos but it's very complicated. Indeed, she openly supported Hugo Chavez and the owner of Miss Venezuela organization Osmel Sousa decided to disown her, even if she made very proud venezuelan with her victory in Miss World. After this, it was announced that Osmel Sousa decided not to crown again a winner of Miss World during the Miss Venezuela pageant. So now, the Miss Venezuela Mundo is elect during a special event. Photo: Noticias24.


I decided to contact the current Miss World Megan Young, she is from Philippines and felt concerned by the situation in Venezuela. Megan was touched by the situation because her country also knows a dramatic situation after typhoon Yolanda. That's why for the next edition of Miss World (Jejomar Binay and Miss World organization decided to do that in the philippines) Megan would like the theme rebuilding as a tribute for her country and to show in front of the world their efforts after disaster.


Miss Usa titleholders also accepted to participate. Miss Usa 2011 Alyssa Campanella and Miss Usa 2005 Chelsea Cooley. Chelsea Cooley was Monica Spear's bestfriend, she said ' Monica had the most infectious personality, was goofy, gorgeous, humble and driven. She was the girl you just wanted to be friends with. Monica is the reason I loved being at Miss Universe.'

After Monica's death, Chelsea was heartbroken, that's why she decided to create a foundation for Monica's daughter. All of the funds raised will be given to Monica's parents for Maya's scolarship.


Mexican beauty queens also accepted to be a part of the project: Lupita Jones Miss Universe 1991, Ximena Navarrete Miss Universe 2010, Erika Honstein Miss World Mexico 2003, Dafne Molna Miss World Mexico 2004, Luz Elena Gonzalez N.B Jalisco 2004, Carolina Moran Miss World Mexico 2006, Marisol Gonzalez Miss World Mexico 2002, Jacky Bracamontes Miss Mexico Universe 2000.

When I posted photos, I received a lot of negative mentions from mexican people. For mexican, it's a shame to see their beauty queens for a campaign for venezuela while 'mexican also were killed and live in corruption.'


Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo will also join the campaign. She will send me the photo soon. This situation touched her because she is a Miss Universe, and Venezuela is a country known as the Misses power-house, the one that has seven Miss Universe crowns (and they're now in the guiness world record book with the most consecutive wins of the Miss Universe Pagea. They also has six Miss World and Miss International queens and lastly two Miss Earths. So when you think Miss Universe, you directly think about Venezuela.

Miss Universe 2012 Culpo looks on as New York Knicks play Memphis Grizzlies in their NBA basketball game in New York

This year a lot of Miss Universe's fans were disappointed to see AGAIN a venezuelan girl as Miss Universe. People and pageant's fans talked about rigging. They won in 2008/2009 and 2013. For example if we compare with Europe... the last winner from europe was Mona Grudt from norway in 1990. 23 years of Miss Universe without an european winner.

2 Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon Miss Universe 2012 1st runner-up and Ariella Arida Miss Universe 2013 3rd runner up will also join the campaign.
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