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Another scandal for Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler.

A few weeks after her crowning as Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler from Venezuela is victim of criticism. Indeed as pageant experts know a big part of venezuelan beauty queens made plastic surgery. Photos with a 'before/after' were published in social networks. It was one of the first polemic about the new Miss Universe Gabriela Isler. People said her victory is unfair. I remember when I saw Miss Venezuela 2012 and her crowning, I said 'Wow she is exactly the same than Irene Esser (Miss Venezuela 2011 and 2nd runner up of Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo), indeed after their crowning a big part of Miss Venezuela made surgery, so for venezuelan people it's not a 'polemic' WHERE ID = it's just about jealousy from other people. And don't forget that: Of course Miss Universe is not the result of plastic surgery! A lot of Miss Universe are natural, Olivia Culpo Miss Universe 2012, Leila Lopes Miss Universe 2011, Ximena Navarrete Miss Universe 2010... (to talk about recent titleholders)

Osmel Sousa, owner of Miss Venezuela Organization is also touch by polemics, Venezuela has already won the title too many times and you’re all saying that Venezuela corrupted D.Trump.

Here he talks about the scandal who touch Gabriela Isler.

" It's not important. These are people who are dedicated create polemics: to detract from an excellent winner, putting a picture of a 13 year old girl, chubby, undeveloped as a woman, and then one that is Miss Universe after they pass through our hands. You know that is a perfect preparation for Miss Universe who will succeed " (source periodico24.com)


Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008 also from Venezuela did a nose job. In this world of 'plastic' Stefania Fernandez Miss Venezuela 2008 and Miss Universe 2009 is an exception, she always said she is against plastic surgery. Osmel Sousa recommended a nose job for Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez, though he said she nearly fainted when she had blood drawn and decided to pass on the surgery.

Gabriela Isler during a workout in New York.


Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler strikes a pose on Times Square, New York, her new hometown for her year as Miss Universe. "Conociendo NY... Hoy mi primera salida por el Times Square." (@Missuniverse twitter)


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