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15 Facts to know about Olivia Culpo

When she was little, she spent her summers at music camps.

She is the middle child of five. (her brothers and sisters are Peter, Aurora, Gus and Sophia)

She is a fan of the movie Sleepless in Seattle with Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan.

Olivia started studying cello in the second grade and has played at Carnegie Hall and Boston Symphony Hall. (

During her first pageant, for Miss Rhode Island, she won the title with a $20 dress.

15 Facts to know about Olivia Culpo

She described herself as a teenager like “nerdy” and “really chubby”

She is the first Miss Universe from USA to won the title since Brook Lee in 1997.

She studied two years in Milan, Italy during the school

She is the fourth Miss Universe of Italian roots.

Her favorite snacks are almonds and special K cereal bars. Her guilty pleasure is peanut butter.

Her role model is Audrey Hepburn. She is a big fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Her favorite fruit is pineapple.

She loves Ryan Gosling's style. (She also loves Brad Pitt)

She is a big fan of Starbucks, she can't start a day without drinking one of their coffee.

During her reign as Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo traveled to Indonesia, Russia, Ecuador, Morocco, Canada, The Bahamas, England and India.
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