Miss Universe

Olivia Culpo's BEST Interview

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo was interviewed a few weeks ago for Worlds apart: Russia online and offline by russian journalist Oksana Boyko. Very interesting video to discover our Miss Universe, indeed the journalist attack Miss Universe to see if she is able to talk about real problems in the world.

You can discover that olivia is not only a pretty face but even if she is only 21 years old she was the good person to represent women around the world. It's not for nothing that she was chosen between 89 girls.

It's the thing that attracted me in her, i remember during Miss Usa, she was the contestant which stood out when she talks. So she shows to the reporter that she is not only a beauty queen and you can achieve whatever your physical appaearance. In my opinion, Oksana Boyko appears a little like anti USA.. Because she attacks a lot Olivia about her country... I let you discover this interview and build your own opinion about that.




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