At only 17, she was selected as Miss Spain. The gorgeous Patricia Yurena represented Spain at both the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. On November 9, 2013 she competed to succeed Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, eventually finishing as 1st Runner-Up to Gabriela Isler of Venezuela. She is only the second Spanish woman to place 1st Runner-Up (the first one was Teresa Sánchez López in 1985). Almost 4 years after the gorgeous Patricia is a successful international model.

So, how her life has changed since her crowning as Miss Spain Universe ? Lets know a little more about it through this interview!

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The magnetic personality of a title holder can attract people’s attention to sensitize the public about targeted social problems. This in turn helps raise funds for their eradication. The cause differs from country to country depending on the local problems. Tuuli Koskiaho, who will be competing in Miss Finland 2017, would like to spread warmth, good spirit and fight against discrimination if she wins. "Being in a beauty pageant has been my dream since I was a little girl. As a child I was attracted by all the beauty and glamour like any other little princess but as I grew older I realized that being a beauty queen is so much more than just the external things. Beauty queen is a goodwill ambassador and she is interested in other people and things happening around her." she explained

Tuuli also considers that a beauty queen should be down to earth. The story is too common, every year in the Miss Universe Pageant we heard that several candidates consider themselves as Divas. So, don’t let success go to your head. Be humble. Humility is a sign of strength, not weakness. People with humility possess an inner peace. They’re modest about their achievements, grounded in their values, and they have nothing to prove to others. They’re down to earth, comfortable in their own skin, and quietly proud.

I had the opportunity to interview the beautiful Tuuli on her preparation for the next Miss Finland Pageant. The beauty queen currently studies nordic languages in the university of Helsinki. She works part time in a grocery store and has been working in customer service for few years now. Lets know a little more about this beautiful and inspiring woman through this interview!

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She ended Guyana's drought at Miss World. Now, Rafieya Husain is poised to do the same for Guyana at the 2017 Miss Universe Contest. Born in Guyana and spent much of her young life in the country, the beauty queen later moved to the United States where she pursued her higher education. Rafieya is described as someone that is determined to affect change and provide the women who are of the system with the skill sets they need to be successful leaders of tomorrow.

Having been a victim herself of domestic violence, Rafieya has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and to educate young people on the early signs of dating violence. In her efforts to improving the lives of those affected by domestic violence, she has established an outreach centre on the Essequibo Coast in Guyana under the name RIVA. 

Pageant followers are highly positive about Rafieya’s chances at Miss Universe, and who knows she might just win an international crown this year. I had the opportunity to chat with her only a few days after her crowning as the new Miss Universe Guyana. I hope you will enjoy this interview!

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If you’ve ever struggled with being shy, introverted, withdrawn, or self-conscious, then you understand how much better you can feel when you overcome it all. Pageants are a great way to help with your timidity, and they’re useful tools for learning how to be poised in social situations. That's why the beautiful Katherine Highgate entered the Miss Universe Canada Competition. "I started competing in pageants as a way to overcome my shyness and boost my self-confidence. Through pageantry, I have become much more outgoing and I have come to love my quirks and embrace my flaws!" she explained.

Katherine is a graduate of the Radio and Television Arts program at Ryerson University. She loves anything that has to do with media. In the past, she has worked as a freelance producer, creating and editing her own digital content. She aspires to work in broadcast television and to be able to tell stories that affect and inspire people.

She believes in the power of persistence and perseverance and was named first runner-up to the title of Miss Earth Canada in 2015.

Katherine lives by the motto. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” She is thrilled to be chosen to take part in the Miss Universe Canada competition and would like to thank her family and friends for their constant love and support!

Here we bring you the untold facts about Katherine's life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

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The gorgeous Frida Fornander was crowned Miss Sweden Universe 2017 two weeks ago. She will have the opportunity to compete at Miss Universe 2017 later this year. The 21-year-old entered the Miss Universe Sweden competition in 2013 and was crowned  Miss Earth Sweden in 2014. She also held the titles of Miss Teen Sweden in 2011 and Miss Teen Universe in 2012. Sweden has not placed into the semifinals since 2009, but the nation is one of the most successful at Miss Universe with three crowns.
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As Finland is celebrating its 100 years of independence in 2017, I could not come up with a far more excellent idea than talking to a candidate of the Miss Universe Finland Pageant. Adriana Gerxhalija, a 22 years old from Turku will compete at the national contest in a few weeks. "I believe that Finland is an example to be followed by countries in the world." she said.

Adriana is currently working in an accociation called Together accociation - "It is a multicultural centre in which we enhance the beauty of bringing people and cultures together and realizing how many things we actually have in common." she explained.

She is also studying to become youth and leisure instructor. She would love to be an excellent example for the youth about healthy lifestyle and to be the motivator of working hard for their dreams and goals in life. 

The last time Finland has won the Miss Universe Crown was in 1975 when Anne Marie Pohtamo became the second Finn to claim the title of Miss Universe, 23 years after Armi Kuusela.

Here we bring you the untold facts about Adriana Gerxhalija’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

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She won the prestigious contest of Vietnam's Next Top Model. The gorgeous Mau Thuy will compete for the crown of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 in a few weeks. She works in modeling industry both in Vietnam and New York, her agency in New York is Wilhelmina Models, which makes her well known by the audience and people from fashion industry. The beauty queen accumulates more than 200.000 followers on Facebook!

Did you know this ? The first Miss Universe Vietnam Pageant was held in 2008. Nguyễn Thùy Lâm, the winner, was host delegate for the Miss Universe 2008 pageant held July 14, 2008, she made the TOP 15.

Pageant followers are highly positive about Mau Thuy’s chances at Miss Universe Vietnam, and who knows she might just win an international crown this year. Her dedication and hard work towards her goals, and her success which has been a result of her ambitions and efforts, will surely take her long on the road of victory!

Here we bring you the untold facts about Mau Thuy’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

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