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Miss Grand International will sue Anea Garcia

"We have already prepared the team of lawyers to sue Anea Garcia's back due to her breach of contract" that's what Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil (founder of Miss Grand International) said in a statement. Garcia stepped down from her position as Miss Grand International 2015 due to unable to fulfil and follow the contractual agreement with Miss Grand International Organisation.

The Miss Grand International Org was forced to step her down from the position due to the instability of her duties in the future. "She has never stopped making problems and she has also alleged without evidence or actions." said Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil.

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Miss Grand International Org’s Statement

Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, the president and the founder of Miss Grand International and Miss Grand Thailand Organization, disclosed to reporters over major causes of the decision to discharge Miss Grand International 2015, Miss Anea Garcia (Miss Grand Dominican Republic 2015) from the position.

“The real major cause is her failure to comply with the contract terms. It is due to the fact that we are an international pageant that there will be only one winner who has to travel through 10 countries and we have to make foreigners admit that our pageant is not inferior to any beauty pageants in the world. However, after the last six months of being crowned Miss Grand International 2015, it appeared that there had been problems all the time; for instance, she was rather resentful and it seemed difficult to live and eat in Thailand for her. Moreover, she was unwilling to do missions at the assigned locations and she always felt scared and wanted to go back home in USA.

In fact, the prize money for the first six months had already been paid and she received huge amount of money in advance. Therefore, the remaining half must possibly be given to the 1st runner up who will take over her position. According to Miss Anea Garcia, since she began working with us, she had just visited two countries, and asked to withdraw money in advance and always requested to fly back to the United States to complete her educational and other personal issues that were all her excuses. We tried to reconcile, but those excuses never ended. In addition, we had to buy her plane tickets every time she traveled to Thailand, but when the flight time was coming, she would always postpone and request to stay longer and claim that there were problems with her grandmother and educational issues to delay the flight. Finally, we had to throw the ticket away.

Actually, in case that we buy the discounted ticket, it will not be refunded and we had to face with these situations so many times. When we needed her to travel for doing charitable activities, we had to buy a plane ticket departing USA to transfer the flight in Europe and fly to other destinations. Later, everything seemed to be more difficult, particularly, the trip to South Sudan.

"Very Welcome our Real Queen Miss Grand International 2015, Claire Elizabeth Parker." posted the
"Very Welcome our Real Queen Miss Grand International 2015, Claire Elizabeth Parker." posted Nawat Itsaragrisil on Facebook

Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil stated that Miss Garcia has recently demanded more and more such as the kind of food to be prepared for her and what should be prepared for her in doing each activity. This is the first winner we have met with a lot of problems and demands who is totally different from former winners that they had no problem with these. After we let her know that we were going to step her down from her reign, she seemed to consent to that condition and responded in some ways intermittently.

Currently, we agreed it’s high time to stop this prolonged situation by ceasing her duty of Miss Grand International 2015 because it has been getting our organization into trouble. Finally, we sent her an email to officially inform her that she was discharged from the position. She seemed unconcerned, undoubtedly, she has always refused to respond to anything we sent to her. As for her making a prosecution against us, we are not afraid at all and we have already prepared the team of lawyers to sue her back due to her breach of contract.

Now, we have already informed 1st runner up, Miss Claire Elizabeth Parker (Miss Grand Australia 2015) to be noted of the situation. She is willing to serve Miss Grand International 2015 and will start the duty immediately and she is supposed to arrive Thailand this Wednesday 30th to prepare herself for the coronation ceremony on Friday April 1st and Miss Grand 2014, Miss Lees Garcia will be wearing the MGI crown for her at Siam Paragon Shopping Mall, Bangkok starting from 16.00 pm (Thailand time) where there will be a press conference for Miss Grand Thailand 2016 Pageant under the theme 77 Provinces before the ceremony. All fans are more than welcome to meet our new Miss Grand International 2015 at the mentioned place and time and many thanks again for your great support.”

Anea Garcia's statement

“Many thanks to all those who have supported me along this path of competition. This last week has been a week of a lot of strong emotions on decisions and responsibilities for me, fortunately, with the support of the family, friends, and fans I’m good with plans to move ahead.
I know that there are doubts about whether I was dismissed or if I step down as miss grand international?
In Honor of the truth, I felt forced to resign for reasons I will say in brief. I quit as Miss Grand International because I felt like my security, my well-being and my future at stake.

This was a difficult decision for me. Miss Grand International is a relatively new organization, the role of the queen and the organization is still in development. Although I fully understand the responsibility of completing my reign, because I made a commitment, I also felt that it was important to get to my feet to my integrity and to ensure my own personal safety, especially when I was forced to travel alone to foreign countries with no contact person or escort. The organization Miss Grand International was informed of my concerns about my own personal safety, especially after having been sexually assaulted in the south of Sudan. The organization showed little interest on this situation. As I was going through things they continued and breach of contract.

anea garcia miss grand

As a result, I had to put my health and well-being in the first place, not only for me, but for all the future queens in this organization that will come after me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to spread the message of peace for my management. I wish the best of luck to miss great Australia Claire Parker during his reign, and I hope that she finds happiness and success as miss grand international “.
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