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Miss Alabama USA Candidate Ashleigh Lenoir on how to be confidently beautiful

The Miss Universe Organization empowers women to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best. A confident woman has the power to make real change, starting in her local community with the potential to reach a global audience… and continue to define what it means to be Confidently Beautiful.

The gorgeous Ashleigh Morgan Lenoir competes in the Miss Universe Organization for 7 years. She will be a candidate at the 2018 Miss Alabama USA Pageant this November. "I’ve been competing in pageants since I was thirteen years old, and if it has taught me one thing, pageants have taught me that it is not about winning. It is about being who you are and happy with yourself and confident enough to even put yourself out there to see the possibilities that lie ahead." she explained.

Morgan is a junior at the University of Alabama. She is currently seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Retailing, with a minor in General Business. The beauty queen also works at Indian Hills Country Club as a server in the fine dining restaurant. 

She developed a real passion for cooking when she was a little girl - "My father taught me to cook and bake at a young age. By the time I was eighteen years old, I had made the entire Thanksgiving dinner for my family on my own! Although it is more difficult to cook full and healthy meals in college, I definitely make it a priority to take time and cook for myself and make sure it still feels like my home-away-from-home."

I had the opportunity to interview Morgan two months before the Miss Alabama Usa Pageant. Alabama is one of the more successful and (recently) consistent states at Miss USA. Although they have had a number of runners-up, finalists, and semi-finalists, they have only had one Miss USA!

You will compete at the Miss Alabama USA. How will you prepare the contest ?

I’ve done several things to prepare for the pageant! This year I have focused on changing my diet and living a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym more often and prepping healthy meals for the week has not only helped me prepare for contest, but it has also changed my outlook when thinking about what I should and should not put into my body and the impacts they make on my health. I also go to a pageant coach once a week to perfect my walk, interview, and outlook on the pageant as a whole. She has really helped me see this as a learning opportunity for myself: to grow, to be confident, and to be grateful. While I can prepare for the pageant as much as I can, the one thing I am always trying to keep in mind is that things happen for a reason and if it is my time, my time will come. 

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We are all unique so what would you say is something that makes you stand out from the other contestants?

Something that makes me stand out from the other contestants would definitely be that I am extremely resilient and have competed in the Miss Universe Organization for 7 years. Since being in this system, I have experienced being in every position possible in finals. There have been times that I was third runner-up, times where I made top 10, times where I only placed in the top 15, and a time where I did not even place at all. Being that I know what it feels like to have been in every situation for the pageant, I feel as though I can relate to everyone in a different way. This has helped me learn resilience and drive. I know that what is meant to be will be, and I always keep my head up with any outcome. This has helped me realize that if you want something, you must work for it. You must put in everything you have and know that you can only give yourself and do your best. You must know yourself and never let it get you down. Determination is something that I find myself to have a lot of and I am grateful for that.

What inspired you to walk on the course of beauty pageants? What do you expect to gain by competing in pageantry?

Something that inspires me to walk in beauty pageants is my family. When I go on stage, I am always filled with emotions knowing that I have such a supportive group of people behind me. They not only encourage me to stay true to myself, but they also make me feel more beautiful than anyone else in the world. My mom is my best friend in the entire universe. She is the one who helps me prepare for the pageant the most. My mom did not grow up as lucky as I have been, so going up on stage and knowing that she is so proud of me makes everything worth it.

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Who is your ideal beauty queen and how has she helped you to evolve as a beauty queen?

My ideal beauty queen in my opinion is myself. I know what it is like to win, and I know what it is like to lose. I know what it is like to be confident in my body, and I also know what it is like to struggle with body confidence. I know what it is like to be extremely lucky and blessed in my life, and I know what it is like to be struggling with tough situations. I have lost many people in my life: family, close friends, and even one of my best friends. My life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs but if I were to win Miss Alabama USA, I would show people that you do not need to be this perfect person all the time. You should not be comparing your life, your body, or your likes and dislikes to anyone else. You are uniquely you and that is something that will never change.

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Thanks to the beautiful Ashleigh for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for Miss Alabama USA pageant.