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Miss Pennsylvania USA 2016 is Elena Laquatra

Elena Laquatra was crowned Miss Pennsylvania USA 2016 by outgoing titleholder Liz Cardillo from Allison Park. She will have the opportunity to compete at the 2016 Miss USA Pageant where she hopes to be crowned by the reigning Miss USA Olivia Jordan from Oklahoma. The winner of Miss USA 2016 will go on to represent the United States in the Miss Universe competition.

Did you know this ? Pennsylvania's most recent placement came in 2014 when Valerie Gatto advance the top 20. Michele McDonald (1971) is Pennsylvania's only Miss USA. At only eighteen, she was one of the youngest competitors ever to win the crown.

filmed and edited by Edwin Shaw Photography:PageantImages.com


filmed and edited by Edwin Shaw Photography/PageantImages.com
Filmed and edited by Edwin Shaw Photography/PageantImages.com

Who is Elena Laquatra ?

She is a former Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA. She competed at the Miss Teen USA Pageant in 2010 in the Bahamas.

Elena's goal is to promote oral education. She is an inspiration to the deaf community, in particular the oral deaf community. "I got my cochlear implant when I was four as a result of losing my hearing to bacterial meningitis.  Today I live a completely normal life. It’s difficult for me to put myself in the shoes of a deaf person without a cochlear implant. Sign language is a whole other world apart from the normal hearing and cochlear implant world. " she said.
"Nobody can tell I’m deaf at all until I tell them, and most of the time, they don’t even believe me! I have to show them my cochlear implant."

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Miss Pennsylvania USA 2016 Final Results

First runner-up : Cassandra Angst
Second runner-up : Krystal Gregorio
Third runner-up : Antonia Gore
Fourth runner-up : Jodelis Diaz


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Andrea Shen
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Antonia Gore
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