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Señorita Colombia 2014 candidates!

Colombia will soon crown their next queen and Paulina Vega will say good-bye to the coveted title (November 17,2014). However, in the 80th anniversary of the pageant, gorgeous women from all over Colombia will be fighting for two of the most important titles: Miss International Colombia for Miss International 2015 and Miss Universe Colombia for Miss Universe 2015. This pageant promises an interesting competition and we can definetively say Colombia will have amazing queens for the two grand-slam competitons.

According to pageant experts, the favorites to the crown are Sucre, Valle del Cauca, Bolívar, Norte de Santander and Bogotá. And to be honest, all this girls are pageant material, especially Miss Bogotá who has experience in runway and knows how to deal with cameras and the press, as she has studied journalism at the University. But if you don't know them, don't worry because you will meet them right away!

The candidates:

01- Miss Antioquia, Natalia Ochoa

02- Miss Arauca, Lynda Guedes Castro

03- Miss Atlántico, Mayra De León

04- Miss Bogotá, Viviana Dávila

05- Miss Bolívar, Alejandra Camacho

06- Miss Boyacá, Laura Orjuela

07- Miss Bucaramanga, Juliana Arguello

08- Miss Caquetá, Jennifer Triviño

Photo thanks to En Busca de la Corona.

09- Miss Cartagena DT, Gabriela Puente

10- Miss Cauca, Jessica Castañeda

11- Miss Cesar, María Paula Núñez

12- Miss Chocó, Iliam Zapata

13- Miss Córdoba, Mary Baglio

14- Miss Cundinamarca, Maribel Mendoza

15- Miss Guajira, María Fernanda Daza

16- Miss Huila, Laura Saavedra

17- Miss Magdalena, Jessica Morán

18- Miss Meta, Danieña Castañeda

19- Miss Norte de Santander, Natalia Guzmán

20- Miss Quindio, Daniela Gutiérrez

21- Miss Risaralda, Manuela Velasco

22- Miss San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina, Anny Jay Newball

23- Miss Santander, Lina Ardila 

24- Miss Sucre, Ariadna Gutiérrez

25- Miss Tolima, María Paula Melo 

26- Miss Valle del Cauca, Nathaly Rojas

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