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Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2014 Official Contestants

Recently we presented you the candidates of Miss Venezuela, now comes the turn of Mexico! And like the other power-house in beauty pageants, the wait is almost over. We will soon find out who will represent Mexico at Miss Universe and Miss World 2015. The annual Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2014 pageant choses the representative of the Latin-American country for the two Grand-Slam pageants and also for the Miss International, but that's another story.

Josselyn Garciglia, Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2013, will say good-bye to the crown she had for an entire year and crown a succesor at the end of the pageant scheduled for October 25 at Cuernavaca, state of Morelos. For the first time, the city known as "The City of the Eternal Spring" will host the national pageant. However, she still has one more task. She will represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2014 on an undisclosed venue.

Now that we have given you this talk, let's show you the women selected to fight for the coveted crown of Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2014, a title that will accredit just one woman as the most beautiful in Mexico. Start chosing your favorite!

Nuestra Belleza Distrito Federal, Ma. Fernanda Garduño

Nuestra Belleza Colima 2014, Lorena Sevilla

Nuestra Belleza Oaxaca 2014, Nayra Garibo González

Nuestra Belleza Baja California 2014, Gabriela Bibayoff

Nuestra Belleza Chiapas 2014, Fernanda Córdova

Nuestra Belleza Durango 2014, Yeraldi Barraza

Nuestra Belleza Aguascalientes 2014, Wendy Esparza

Nuestra Belleza Chihuahua 2014, Yaritza Castillo

Nuestra Belleza Coahuila 2014, Angelia del Río

Nuestra Belleza Baja California Sur 2014, Adela Cázeres

Nuestra Belleza Edo. de México 2014, Lizbeth Bravo

Nuestra Belleza Guanajuato 2014, Magui Jiménez

Nuestra Belleza Hidalgo 2014, Orianna Barrera

Nuestra Belleza Guerrero 2014, Estephany García

Nuestra Belleza Jalisco 2014, Alessa Bravo

Nuestra Belleza Michoacán 2014, Michelle Garibay

Nuestra Belleza Morelos 2014, Mariela Sanders

Nuestra Belleza Nayarit 2014, Xitlaly Lopez

Nuestra Belleza Nuevo León, Alejandra Medina

Nuestra Belleza Puebla 2014, Fernanda Pulido

Nuestra Belleza Querétaro 2014, Karen Saldaña

Nuestra Belleza San Luis Potosí 2014, Azucena Moro

Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2014, Stefy Unzueta

Nuestra Belleza Sonora 2014, Yamelín Ramírez

Nuestra Belleza Tabasco 2014, Ma. José Taboada

Nuestra Belleza Tamaulipas 2014, Sandra Ahumada

Nuestra Belleza Tlaxcala 2014, Samantha González

Nuestra Belleza Veracruz 2014, Zara Ichante

Nuestra Belleza Yucatán 2014, Renata Rábago

Nuestra Belleza Zacatecas 2014, Marleth Pinedo

1st Designation from Sonora, Tanya Ung

2nd Designation from Estado de Mexico, Vanessa Acero

3rd Designation from Sinaloa, Kynue Mascareño

4th Designation from Jalisco, Karina Martín

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