Miss Art Deco Cynthia Linnet Lau has sights on becoming Miss World America

The gorgeous Cynthia Linnet Lau, a twenty one year old with Chinese, Spanish and Cuban roots, was crowned Miss Art Deco 2018.  Resilient, compassionate, and survivor would be the three words that define her.  She is a firm believer of “if a problem arises, come up with a solution, and run with it”. 

Since she was 13 years old, Cynthia lives by this mantra when diagnosed with a Gastro Intestinal Tumor and her life would never be the same. “The word CANCER is one of the scariest things for someone to hear, and so when it knocks on your door you cry, hope, struggle but above all else look for the cure.” From that moment on she lives day by day to her upmost potential because the path choose to embark on is the one that we will work for.

Cynthia is currently a senior completing her Bachelor's Degree at Florida International University majoring in Psychology with a certificate in public health. In the near future, she will specialize in Health Policy and Management to help find compelling solutions for health care and public health problems on a global scale. Different situations in her life have taught her to always stay true to herself, and work on what she want to achieve.

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Being an advocate for cancer research and utilizing her voice as an outlet to tell her story on behalf of those affected by cancer and life-threatening illnesses has been one of the biggest accomplishments in her life to date. Working avidly on her platform with the Make a Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the American Cancer Society: Cancer Action Network has offered her opportunities beyond her wildest dreams. Cynthia’s role as an intern, volunteer, and now ambassador for these organizations have allowed her to go to Congress and speak to legislators on the importance of medical research funding, cancer prevention, and it is amazing to see the impact one can make alongside influential individuals.  

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Ballroom dance, belly dance, acting, and piano are her favorite pastimes. 

Cynthia have been a dancer most of her life being trained in ballroom dance and belly dance. She has danced in national congresses and most recently danced with her belly dance team at the Miami Belly Dance Convention. On several occasions, you will also find her discovering new destinations around the world.

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