Lead Like A Girl: How Miss New Hampshire USA 2018 Michelle McEwan Wants To Empower Women At Every Level

Each year, women around the country have this same experience of a lifetime. Whether they are competing for Miss United States, Miss USA, or Miss America, this life-changing moment is a constant. Most people who have never been around the pageant world don’t know what happens after the crown is placed on the winner's head. Winning the title doesn’t just mean that you get to walk around looking pretty with a crown on your head.

The gorgeous Michelle McEwan, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss USA 2018 in a few months,  would like to empower women to be confident, courageous, ambitious, leaders, and more than just a pretty face - "My experience has been filled with an overwhelming amount of support and positivity and I wouldn’t change that for anything" - she explained.

If she wins the crown Michelle will have the opportunity to represent the United States at Miss Universe 2018. Did you know ? New Hampshire has had little success at Miss USA, and has only placed four times. Two of those placings have been in the past ten years, with Bridget Vezina placing 1st runner-up to Lynnette Cole at Miss USA 2000, and the semi-finals placement of Vanessa Bissanti at Miss USA 2004.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, I have been in New Hampshire since the age of 8. Upon graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Hospitality Management, I went on the complete an 18-month Management in Training Program with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Thailand. I am back home in New Hampshire where I am working to grow my real estate career while representing my home state as Miss New Hampshire USA 2018. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, exploring new cuisines, skiing, fitness, volunteering, and baking.  

Who do you think will be your strongest competitor for the Miss USA Competition ?

I like the quote, “Your only competition is yourself.” I may be on that stage with 50 other beautiful, strong, and intelligent women who are all deserving of being the next Miss USA, but I will be focusing on being a better, stronger, and more confident version of myself.

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Demi Leigh Nel Peters won the Miss Universe Pageant almost 2 months ago. What do you think about her ? Did you have a favorite for the crown ? 

Of course, I was rooting for Kara, but I love Demi. She is fierce and glowed on stage! Her story is inspiring and she will be an amazing representative and role model of the Miss Universe Organization. 

What unique characteristics would you say you bring to the Miss USA competition?

Having travelled all over the world and with my background in hospitality, I have met and encountered people from all different cultures. These experiences have made me open minded, respectful, understanding, and independent, which I believe are important characteristics to have as Miss USA and Miss Universe. 


What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your life?

My mom passed away from cancer a little over two years ago. She was my best friend and biggest fan. Experiencing the loss of a parent was a devastating and lonely experience that no one could ever prepare you for. It took me two years to realize I needed help putting the pieces back together and I was able be stronger both physically and mentally through pageantry. I hope to inspire and motivate others who have face adversity to find ways to continue leading a happy and healthy life.





Your favorite beauty queen? 

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015. The way she handled the infamous mix up at the Miss Universe pageant says a lot about her character and who she is as a person. For that, I applaud her and look up to her. 

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Where do we hope to see you In the next 10 years?

Somewhere with a thriving real estate career, raising a family, and still exploring the world.

If there’s one message that you would like everyone to hear so people can know who you are as a person, what would that message be?

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to take time to take care of yourself. It’s okay to say no. Just because you’re having a tough day, week, or month, doesn’t mean you’re having a bad life. You have the power to change the course and be successful.