How Life Experience Has Made Emily Treglown Stronger

She will represent Victoria in the national finals for Continents Pageant Australia. The beautiful Emily Treglown truly believes the old familiar phrase, “What doesn’t break you only makes you stronger.” Everything that happens in our lives is meant to make us better, stronger human beings. Never resist, just go with the flow, accept, feel and learn what the moment is teaching you.

Emily has dealt with homelessness and absentee parents - "They have flat out told me they want nothing to do with me, being bullied to the extent of being told the world will be better out without me and a numerous other life situations, that i have had to deal with in my 25 years" - she explained.

The thing that inspired her to walk in beauty pageants is that, she aspires to be like all of the queens that I has seen crowned in the past. "They prove that beauty and brains can coexist side, and inner beauty radiates on the outside as well."

If she wins the crown she would like to use her voice to show empthany, compassion, respect and forgiveness about issues that need to be discussed within our society - "I want this opportunity to make a difference within someone’s life, to be a person to talk to and possibly help and show them that regardless how dire the situation seems at times, it will get better with time. I of course want become a voice and advocate to the less privileged."

I had the opportunity to interview Emily a few weeks before the pageant. Discover her inspiring story below!

How will you prepare the Continents Australia Contest? What inspired you to walk on the course of beauty pageants? 

As a person, I believe human progress equals happiness.

Seeing as I am till fairly new to the pageantry world. (Continents Australia is my second pageant) So to prepare and progress along my pageant journey I knew I had some work to do, but I did not let that deter me. II set goals for my and I worked on firstly my posture, reminding myself to always walk straight. I brought a mirror recently and have been using that as a tool to perfect my posture.
I have been listening to pod casts, about pageantry and you tube videos. Now it’s the last month before Continents I have been practicing interview questions- at least half an hour a day.

Health and fitness- I have been starting to exercise once again 5-6 days a week, averaging up to an hour a day and on my off days, I do light jogging and or walking. Leading up to the last month before the pageant, I was still having cheat meals here and there. Although now leading up to the last month before the pageant I have decided to live a fully plant based diet. 

emily treglown

Because I am so time restricyed at the moment, although ive had lovely donations by my loved ones who support me to actually get me to the pageant, there is always  other costs and expenses. Ive been working so much, double shifts, back to back shifts, 8 or more days straight. I practice where I can, even the other day, I was working out and listening to podcasts on pageants hahaha!

I practised mindfulness every day too and meditation

I have organized as of recent a video interview for Continents Pageant Australia, with Adrian Kwan. The creator of the “woman and beyond project” which empowers young woman, with the stories they tell , about hardships they have faced and how they overcame them.

I have used this oppotunity to compete in this pageant, to start along my journey of working with foster children and I have organized days at work to spread awareness within the workplace about mental health awareness and its ok not to be okay!

And of course writing for this interview today!

And lastly I wanted prove to myself that I am worthy enough to do this. . I want to show how with time, effort and handwork you can achieve anything. That you are given this amazing oppotunity to use your platform as a way to spread issues you are passionate about.

Tell me something about yourself and your work. What do you actually do, and have done in the past?

My personal Core values are strength, resilience, and empthany. Over a year ago, I set a goal for myself and that was to move interstate (From Sydney to Melbourne) and one of the sole reasons I wanted to move, was that I wanted to focus on my career.

 In the company that I work for TFE hotels (Toga Far East) I was chosen as one of 25 people across Australia and new Zealand with, to learn every department of a hotel as an assigned position of a ‘future leader’.

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At the end of the course, at our graduation, I did receive one of two awards that were handed out on our graduation night for being the most apparent and supportive via social media of others that were undertaken the same course.

At the end of the course, I was one of the few ones that didn’t get a management position, but I knew in my heart I wast ready.

Being told no was a hard thing to hear and yes I was upset, I didn’t let that deter me and worked on myself and the qualities I lacked, which hindered me to get that management position.

I had a massive fear of public speaking and not being confident within but at the end of the year I prepared a speech and said it in front of the CEO of the company and General Managers and Area managers around Australia and New Zealand.

Knowing that the speech I prepared and spoke, was one of the favourite speeches on the day, but those higher up within the company. Sit, proved to myself anything is possible If can do a speech in front of her I can do anything.

capture decran 2017 10 14 a 02.44.02

 I am the front office representive on work health safety committee; I am now in control of service relations. Going above and beyond for guests that stay at the hotel and thinking of innovative ideas to think of thoughtful gifts for milestones that guests stay with us and I worked on getting my whole team involved and guests alike to recognise the importance of R U OK day

Vie also worked in hospitality all of my life pretty much as I am passionate about customer service and have grown as a person especially within my job. I am largely empathic and treat others how I would like to be treated.

capture decran 2017 10 14 a 02.47.45

We’ve all seen the stereotypical portrayals of pageant contestants, a la Miss Congeniality, spreading peace, love and beauty throughout the world. How do you think you'll make a difference?

When training for pageants, at first I could have been referred to as Gracie Hart out of Miss Congeality, I was as uncoordinated as they come haha.

But in saying that there’s a negative stigma to the beauty queen wanting to spread a message of love and peace. People automatically associate, the line of ‘World Peace’ with when ask future queens what they would love to have one thing in the world, and are normally quoted in a voice, that insinuates that beauty queens are nothing more then a high pitched air head. But I ask why? Why is this dream seen as such a stereotype? Why is the wanting to fight for peace seen as a joke? Do I want world peace? Of course I do, don’t you. I take your question and ask you this, if we all strived for peace and we all contributed in just a small way, we can start to make a difference. One person, I alone, cannot create world peace, no individual queen can, but if she can spread her message and everyone she encounters makes one small difference, little by little we will make a difference.

capture decran 2017 10 14 a 02.48.08

How will I personally make a difference you will ask?

Well firstly I used, all of my personal experiences from my very first Pageant miss Grand International and focused on how I could grow as a person for my second beauty contest, Continents Pageant Australia, and become the best version of myself possible Long story short, Although I didn’t grow up with my birth parents, which was hard, especially at a young age when you are trying to find your way in life. They both have refused to have me in their life. I am no longer bitter, I now accept everyone has their own path in life, although I cant understand why some people do what they do, I focus on myself and the positives I have in my life.

I will always be more thankful then words could describe that I had my guardians raise me, my aunt and uncle who tried to give me everything I wanted and both showed me unconditional love. The two of them combined are/were two of the most selfless people that I have ever known, we didn’t come from a rich background, but both of my aunt and uncle worked hard to support their two biological children and another niece they looked after.

Although my uncle has passed now, I appreciate what he had done for me growing up

I have had so many others, take me under their wing during different life stages of my life, regardless of what I was going through at the time and ill be forever grateful to them and they know whom they all are.

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What would you advise any young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day?

I would say to her - "You are already a Queen".  I would encourage any young girl dreaming of being crowned a queen one day to live each day as though she had already won the title.  Stay true to who she is, her passions, and her desires.  Never change to fit into what someone else thinks you should be.  Whether you win a crown or not, you are a true queen and have the potential to make a huge difference in this world.

Determination, ambition and strength. Determination to continue in the face of prejudice, ambition to want to do more for your life, and the strength to withstand the negativity that comes with being in the spotlight. These qualities are most important, as they are qualities that will start your rein, but will stay with you for life. To show empthany and do no hold onto toxic negative energy too let go of unwanted resentment and forgives but never forget. Although things may not be going the way you want right now, doesn’t mean things wont get better in the future, That everything happens for a reason and its not a stop sign, it’s a speed bump and keep going.

I believe these qualities, really are the qualities of success overall, not just a successful queens but also a successful and independent woman.

What qualities a woman should have to represent a whole state?

To represent your state or country, in regards to Pageantry, but even in your work, sporting team, etc the qualities are all the same.

You must have courage and conviction to stand up for what you believe in, stand up and be proud and confident of who you are and how you feel.

Courage is needed to follow through and practice what you preach and leading by and setting an example. As a representative, you also need to have compassion and empathy. The ability to relate to those around you and understand peoples strengths/weaknesses. Play on peoples strengths, not their weaknesses, help them to better themselves and seeing the positive amongst the negative, regardless of how bleak it may seem. Being a representative or leader requires many skills but these qualities separate the good leaders from the great leaders!

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Who is your ideal beauty queen and how has she helped you to evolve as a beauty queen?

I do not have an ideal beauty queen, as each pageant nationally as well as internationally stands for something different, but that is what makes the pageantry world so amazing and eye opening. Each queen that is crowned, even the contestants that compete in different pages are all independent, unique and beautiful in their own way.

If we labeled only one woman or one ‘type’ of woman as perfect.

Does that mean, as a woman if you don’t live up to the expectations set, it means that if you are short of this is, are you less than perfect?  By refusing to list ideals and perfection, it highlights that we are all perfect in our own ways and perfect at being us. Let us not strive to be a replica of someone else, let us strive to be the best version of ourselves and that’s why I love what Continents Pageant stands for, as the motto is ‘Be your own kind of beautiful’.

Thanks to the beautiful Emily for the interview. Pageants News wishes you all the very best for the Continents Australia Pageant.