A glimpse into the world of beauty pageants with Talia Stumpf, Miss Royalty International Jr Teen 2018

For her the crown symbolizes possibility.  I had the opportunity to recently interview Talia Stumpf, Miss Royalty International Jr Teen 2017. When you think modern beauty pageants, your first thought may go to Miss Congeniality or Miss America. Regardless of which springs first into your mind, you may not realize how far back this tradition of celebrating women goes. Beauty and strength are universally celebrated in our society. 

Miss Royalty International is a system that focuses not only on communication skills and modeling, but has a large emphasis on community service.  Their motto is "Make a real impact." Pageant is not just glitter and glamour and Talia believes they can play a role in the betterment of society. "I volunteer for the national True Friends Camp non-profit as well as local organizations such as Youth First and Miss Amazing (a pageant for girls with special needs).  I also hope to make a return trip to the Philippines where I worked with a small village and families with children with special needs. There are very few resources for those families in the small communities." she explained. 

In the USA, she makes school visits, helping kids better understand the importance of being a Forever Friend and celebrating the giftedness of those with special or "differ" needs. 

Headshot by Daniel DuVerney of Pageant Fashion Photography in Chicago 



What is your typical day as a pageant queen?

When I'm out making appearances, sharing the crown is my favorite part of the day. There is nothing better than placing my crown on a little one's head and seeing their face light up! It's amazing how a crown can open doors and hearts. A typical day out making an appearance is filled with business and blessings. It usually starts out early for hair and makeup and then a long drive to the destination. Once at the appearance destination, the day is filled with sharing my story and listening to other's stories. Listening to other's stories is a beautiful part of the day. After an appearance, it's usually a long return ride and late to bed, but all worth it to spread the word of inclusion and kindness and represent the Miss Royalty International system. 

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By Brittany Link Photography

Did you face any moment of disappointment with yourself during the pageant journey, and how did you overcome it? 

During competition at Nationals, I became very ill with the stomach flu. I spiked a fever of 102.6 right before the formal gown portion of competition. This was the last piece of the week's competition. I had the shakes and was about to pass out, but the other competitors gathered around me, cheered me on, helped me to take deep breaths. Mr. Puerto Rico, the escort, was asked to stay on stage in case I passed out. Before being helped up on the stage, one of the backstage directors took my hand and prayed over me. The Miss Royalty International system is so incredibly supportive. Because of everyone's love and support, I persevered through. It absolutely amazes me I received the crown while competing sick! 

talia stumpf

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Your favorite beauty queen? 

Olivia Jordan is my favorite beauty queen! I love how she shines on the stage. She has this amazing way of smiling through her whole face that makes you feel like she is your best girlfriend and she's smiling with you. 

olivia jordan ms usa

Where do we hope to see you In the next 10 years?

I have so many dreams for the future that it's hard to say. Perhaps I'll be walking the stage of a Miss USA pageant, or maybe I'll be busy working with amazing patients as a child psychiatrist. Of course I wouldn't mind being caught modeling beautiful gowns for Sherri Hill, Rachel Allan or Mac Duggel either!