From Beauty Pageants to Entrepreneurship; Meet Lisa Van Orden, Elite Miss New Hampshire 2017!

When you think modern beauty pageants, your first thought may go to Miss Congeniality or Miss America. Regardless of which springs first into your mind, you may not realize how far back this tradition of celebrating women goes. Beauty and strength are universally celebrated in our society. 

I had the opportunity to interview the gorgeous Lisa Van Orden. The beauty queen represented the state of New Hampshire at the 2017 Elite Miss Earth United States Pageant a few days ago.

As an accomplished woman Lisa has a degree, is a licensed esthetician, and a professional makeup artist. She beauty queen founded her company Studio LAVO in 2015. In its's first year LAVO was voted the #1 Skincare & Makeup Boutique by NH Magazine. She has worked with major Networks such as ABC, DIY, HGTV, and NH1. 

Lisa's titles include Miss Hooksett 2007, Miss New Hampshire US 2012, Miss Petite New Hampshire 2013, Ms Rhode Island US 2014 and Elite Miss Earth New Hampshire 2017."Pageants changed my life simply because they gave me something to consistently work towards" she explained.

Here we bring you the untold facts about Lisa’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

You competed at the Elite Miss Earth United States Pageant. How did you feel ?

It was an honor to represent an organization built by amazing women who are for women! We are all unified and working towards the same goal which is to bring environmental awareness to a multitude of constituencies! The environment is not a glamorous topic and I am proud to be able to give a face to this issue and serve as a brand ambassador for such an amazing mission. 

lisa miss


You are an entrepreneur, a makeup artist and a pageant queen. What are you most proud of ?

I am proud of all 3 achievements! There have been many challenges and blessings throughout my journey, however it has been a wonderful learning experience! The world of pageantry has afforded many opportunities and has taught me life skills that are transferable into my life and career!

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

I am the first female of my family to graduate from a university and receive a college degree. Pageantry helped me to win scholarship money to fund my education and academic goals. 
lisa van orden

A day in Lisa’s life…. How does it go from dawn to dusk?

I have always worked well under pressure. I have always been a busy person and prefer that way of life. My day usually starts with emails, social media messages, and coffee! As a makeup artist, I am usually on the road providing makeup for weddings, photoshoots, or corporate events. Sometimes I'm traveling all over the US for weeks. If I'm not on the road, you can find me at my skincare & makeup boutique in NH! I workout every weekday in the evenings and it varies from Max Shred HIIT classes to yoga! I love to cook so when I finally get home I make dinner and usually continue to work on my computer putting in product orders, setting up marketing campaigns, community involvement and returning emails. Life is busy, but I love what I do!