"Beauty Pageants Boosted My Self-Esteem" Discover Carolina Aguero Miss Beauty South Texas Teen's story!

Teenage years are universally awkward. We all remember the excruciating sense of insecurity that comes with a turbulent dose of hormones, but it’s hard to recall exactly what we were worried about. So, can a pageant help boost teenagers self esteem?

Yes, according to Carolina Aguero. The beauty queen won the title of Miss Beauty South Texas Teen 2017. Despite some misconceptions, beauty pageants are not all about physical appearance. Participants are given a chance to show off their talent, they are given challenging questions to answer. But they also can help teenagers . And Carolina Aguero claims that her pageant helped her to combat issues of self esteem. Discover her story below!

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Can you introduce yourself ?

Hello my name is Carolina Aguero, I am a 16 year old model and beauty queen living in South Texas. As a little girl i was very intrigued with the glitz and glamour, but never did anything about it. I stood out in school because i would always had my hair done and looked nice. I would wonder what it was like to compete in pageants, finally this year i took a chance and competed for my city's  the "Miss Edinburg"pageant. I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect since it was all new to me.

Competing in my first pageant was a great experience, i learned it wasn't just about walking around in a pretty dress there was more to it. The pageant world consisted of interviews, pratices, and dinner parties, which was all real fun too. I got to meet other girls who had the same interest like myself and made great bonds with them. I may have not won the crown but i did win 3rd place and the top model award, but importantly it is what helped me start modeling.

Being on stage gave me such a feeling i had never had felt before and instantly i knew i wanted to begin modeling. Right away i wanted to start modeling but i didn't know where to start, so i did some research how to model and looked for opportunities to on social media. I saw a post called "Glitz and Glamour Imagine 5" and it was for modeling in a fashion show of prom dresses to compete to be the face of the company. I had to audition and was very nervous doubting myself, there was a total of one hundred girls auditioning and only forty would be chosen. I was so suprised to have found out that i was chosen in the forty that were picked. I give a big thanks to the Valle's for being so generous to me and all the other girls. It was an amazing experience to model in my first fashion show, and the photo shoots, gatherings were also a plus. I didn't want to do the "Glitz and Glamour imagine 5" competition to win, i wanted to do to gain experience in modeling and i'm so thankful i could. A week after i got to do another fashion show for "Rent a dress" and from doing it i got chosen to be one of the twenty models of their new modeling academy called "Madollz" i look forward to doing new projects with them in the summer and i plan to rise up in my modeling career.

You won the title of Miss Beauty South Texas Teen 2017. Can you tell me more about the organization?

I was given the title to represent "South Texas" and it has been a honor to because not that many people have heard of where i come from and we are so small compared to other places. It was lovely getting to have the title and the organization was very nice to me and the directors really wanted everyone to be more than just acquaintances and leave as friends that would keep in touch. The organization above all, wanted to make sure we all had a great experience because it wasn't just about getting a crown.

Would you like to compete at the "Miss USA" Pageant?

Yes, i would to compete at the "Miss USA"pageant, I think it would be such a dream and honor to compete in a pageant that is all over the world and represent the "USA", but by doing that the qualities a women should have to represent a whole nation are Confidence, determined, understanding, loving, genuine and open minded. 

What is your typical day as a model and beauty queen?

A typical day for me consists of getting a Coffee at my local dunkin donuts and heading to school during the week. After school i like to head to gym to get a good work out done and come back home to finish up any work i need to do,also plan up my weekend. On the weekends is when i do photo shoots, whether it's taken place close by or out of town i like to make the most of it having a good time exploring the area and after words go a restaurant i haven't been at before. If i'm not busy on the weekends then i like to spend my time visiting pet shelters since i am a big animal lover, playing with the animals and trying to get them adopted. 

How has competing in pageants shaped you to be the person you are today?

Competing in pageants have shaped me to be the person i am today by improving my self confidence and helping me realize i wanted to be part of the modeling industry. I lacked alot of self esteem in school because i stood out and people would talk about me. I didn't have many friends and didn't know what aspect of my life I wanted. Doing my first pageant helped me gain the confidence i lacked in myself and see what i wanted to do with my life. If it wasn't for doing pageants i don't think i would have gotten into the modeling industry, now i want to further into it,but not just for myself but for others too. My goals are to continue my modeling career and open up my own modeling studio, i can't wait to see it all come true in time.  

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your life?

A challenge i faced for many years is having divorce parents. My parents separated when i was nine months old, so growing up has been very hard for me. I would always go back and forth and as i became a teenager i got to choose who i wanted to be with at times and i didn't want to hurt any of my parents feelings.The holidays were the tough ones because i tried my best being at each of my parent's relatives places and some times i couldn't due to reasons.  Both my parents ended up getting remarried and i grew up with my step parents being apart of my life when i was around the age of three. I had such a special bond with my stepdad who i call "pops" and four years ago my mother and him got a divorce and i took it really harsh. Time has gone by and i still keep in touch with pops, and even though it's still quite difficult i have learned to be strong and love all my family i have from my parents.

Who is your favorite beauty queen?

The beauty queen that inspires me is Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber because she was the first active member in the military to have held the title. She is the commissioned as a quartermaster officer and logistics commander in the Army Reserve as a lieutenant.

deshauna miss usa

She has shown to me and I'm sure many other girls as well, that us women are just as strong as men and that we don't have to be "masculine women" to be in the army. She also shows that women have intelligence not just beauty. I believe she did an outstanding job during her rein as Miss "USA 2016" and changed history by showing a new perspective on women.