4 months ago she had major surgery for an extremely rare Brain and Neck tumor; paraganglioma. If she wins Miss North Carolina USA 2018 the beautiful Victoria Vesce would like to advocate her platform of brain tumor awareness into a much larger audience. 

She underwent 6 weeks worth of Radiation at Duke Hospital in Durham, North Carolina, USA. This was a life or death situation - "I came out Victorious! I had determination I would fight. I had to teach myself this summer how to walk, talk, eat, and eventually walk in heels again! Now I am back, better than ever! Four days after my last radiation treatment, I started law school. This experience has humbled me beyond belief and has made me a stronger human being!" she explained

Victoria has been a NHL cheerleader, and the past 3 years she was a NBA dancer. She traveled and danced at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and Shanghai Global Games. Currently, she is a Juris Doctorate Candidate at Charleston School of Law, along with being a model and spokeswoman for NASCAR. 

I had the opportunity to interview her on her preparation for the next Miss North Carolina USA Pageant. If she wins she will have the opportunity to compete at Miss USA 2018. The state won the Miss USA Pageant two times; in 2005 with Chelsea Cooley and in 2009 with Kristen Dalton.

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Is the mental game important to your success in pageants? The top titleholders think so. Most contestants and directors believe that controlling the mind is vital to your success in pageantry. We all know that we must think positive and believe we can win. 

Confidence and Self-Image plays a huge role in being able to perform at your best when the judges are in control of your score. You have to have the ability to succeed but you also have to be able to stand out as the “winner” to those who hold your fate in their hands. Mental Management is a great way to learn how to use pressure to your advantage, build self-image, focus on your strengths, get your goals and gain the confidence needed to live up to your potential. 

The gorgeous Nadia Lavoie, who will be competing for the title of Miss Universe Canada later this year, thinks that preparing for an event like this is not just about the physical aspect - "You need to know how to deal with your stress, you need to learn a lot about yourself and you need to figure out if you’re doing it for the good reasons." she explained.

She has been very busy those last months to prepare for the national competition and to be ready. For the last three months, she had a personnal trainer - "I had to follow a strict nutrition plan and I had to go to the gym four to five times a week to get the results I wanted. One thing very interesting I learned when I was reading «Awaken the giant within» from Tony Robbins is «you feel good and know that you’re in control of your life in a body that radiates vitality and allows you to accomplish your outcomes». How can you achieve what you want if you don’t take care of yourself first ? I wasn’t only seeing a personnal trainer but I was also seeing a life coach."

I had the opportunity to interview the beautiful Nadia on her preparation for the next Miss Universe Canada Pageant. Lets know a little more about this inspiring woman below!

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Miss Universe Iceland 2017 is all set to crown the winner but the pageant fanatics have already chosen their favorites, and among one of those shining gems is the beautiful Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir.  The winner of the national pageant will have the opportunity to represent her country at Miss Universe 2017 later this year.

Arna is not unknown in the pageant industry. She was crowned Miss Iceland in September 2015 and represented her country in the 2015 Miss World Pageant where she placed 14th from the judging interview out of almost 120 contestants. In 2016 she withdrew from Miss Grand International after pageant organisers asked her to lose weight.

Lets know a little more about her and through this interview!

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She has always wanted to make a difference. The gorgeous India LaRoda won the prestigious title of Miss India America 2017 in Los Angeles. As the first African-Indian titleholder she chose to use her voice to be an advocate for diversity - "Being a representation of two cultures with a highly coveted crown that recognizes me as the first in 25 years, makes this not only monumental but a symbol of expressing to young girls and women of multi-racial backgrounds that you are powerful, worthy, and beautiful because you are being you and embracing the roots of who you are." she explained

The beauty queen would like to encourage underprivileged women and children all across the world to leave their mark, strive for their wildest dreams and never stop until they reach their biggest goals - "This cause became special to my heart during my spiritual pilgrimage to India when I was about ten years old. I saw firsthand the conditions of low-income families and helpless children."

Living in a society today that undervalues inner beauty, it is important for her to emphasize that inner beauty is the key to being successful and finding your purpose. She is proud to say that she has become active brand ambassadors for a couple of non-profit organizations that exemplify what she stands for. She is participating as well in panel discussions with neuro-psychologists, pediatricians, and universities that are advocates for other issues. In October, she will be receiving the Women’s of Purpose award for breaking the glass-ceiling and being the pedastal to give multiracial women the courage to strive for greatness by simply being exactly who you are and embracing that. 

So, who is India LaRoda ? She is a full-time student double majoring in English and Biology, with a minor in French. Her educational endeavors are a stepping stone to one day becoming a pediatrician. She also received her Behavioral Technician certification to become a registered behavioral interventionist for children with special needs. As she continues to study to be a pediatrician, she wants to be able to have the personal experience of working with children who have special needs.

Here we bring you the untold facts about India’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

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The magnetic personality of a title holder can attract people’s attention to sensitize the public about targeted social problems. This in turn helps raise funds for their eradication. The cause differs from country to country depending on the local problems. Tuuli Koskiaho, who will be competing in Miss Finland 2017, would like to spread warmth, good spirit and fight against discrimination if she wins. "Being in a beauty pageant has been my dream since I was a little girl. As a child I was attracted by all the beauty and glamour like any other little princess but as I grew older I realized that being a beauty queen is so much more than just the external things. Beauty queen is a goodwill ambassador and she is interested in other people and things happening around her." she explained

Tuuli also considers that a beauty queen should be down to earth. The story is too common, every year in the Miss Universe Pageant we heard that several candidates consider themselves as Divas. So, don’t let success go to your head. Be humble. Humility is a sign of strength, not weakness. People with humility possess an inner peace. They’re modest about their achievements, grounded in their values, and they have nothing to prove to others. They’re down to earth, comfortable in their own skin, and quietly proud.

I had the opportunity to interview the beautiful Tuuli on her preparation for the next Miss Finland Pageant. The beauty queen currently studies nordic languages in the university of Helsinki. She works part time in a grocery store and has been working in customer service for few years now. Lets know a little more about this beautiful and inspiring woman through this interview!

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She won the prestigious contest of Vietnam's Next Top Model. The gorgeous Mau Thuy will compete for the crown of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 in a few weeks. She works in modeling industry both in Vietnam and New York, her agency in New York is Wilhelmina Models, which makes her well known by the audience and people from fashion industry. The beauty queen accumulates more than 200.000 followers on Facebook!

Did you know this ? The first Miss Universe Vietnam Pageant was held in 2008. Nguyễn Thùy Lâm, the winner, was host delegate for the Miss Universe 2008 pageant held July 14, 2008, she made the TOP 15.

Pageant followers are highly positive about Mau Thuy’s chances at Miss Universe Vietnam, and who knows she might just win an international crown this year. Her dedication and hard work towards her goals, and her success which has been a result of her ambitions and efforts, will surely take her long on the road of victory!

Here we bring you the untold facts about Mau Thuy’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

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Indian-Americans constitute less than 1 percent of the U.S. population. Yet you will find them at the helm of great companies such as PepsiCo and MasterCard; as presidents and deans of America’s most prestigious colleges; at the pinnacles of journalism; dominating fields such as technology, scientific research and medicine; and thriving in industries such as hospitality, transportation and real estate. They have also achieved extraordinary success in government.

Monika Patel's parents migrated to America in hopes of being able to create a better life for her family. Like most immigrants like to call it, Following the American dream. Growing up with a traditional family Monika faced many challenges appropriating to the American culture. "I was always treated differently, no one wanted to understand where my family came from, they would just point and laugh at me or tease me for having dark skin. The kids ended up telling me I looked “unusual” I always hoped that one day my differences would be put aside and I would fit in with the rest of the crowd." she explained.

capture decran 2017 09 06 a 06.43.04

This year, Monika Patel will have the opportunity to represent the indian-american community at the prestigious Miss Texas USA Pageant. And it is not common to see Indian-American beauties in major national pageants of the country.  There was a lot of controversy when Nina Davuluri won Miss America title in 2013. The first placement of Indian-American beauty in Miss USA was achieved by Pratima Yarlagadda in 1999. 

The next and the most recent Indian-American to achieve success in Miss USA is Chhavi Verg. She even spoke fluent Hindi on the Miss USA stage. Her presence in Top 10, Top 5 and then Top 3 was not a surprise.  In fact many wanted her to win because her final answer was good.  However, she had to settle with 1st runner-up placement.  Nevertheless it is a huge achievement. 

chhavi new jersey

Let us hope to see soon an Indian-American winning Miss USA. It would be interesting to see how the country perceives the event!

So, who is Monika Patel ? She is studying Psychology and Fashion at Texas State University.

She also works at a gear manufacturing company. She assists in creating company culture making sure they do not follow the footsteps of the corporations that have failed before them. When she first started working at Rave Gears she was learning the ropes of Quality Procurement so she took a reverse engineering approach to the system so she can one day maintain a scale of multiple department instruction. During the summer she was able to work full time and she got the opportunity to manage work flow and follow production. Her logic for choosing this type of work is because of her focus in Industrial Organizational Psychology.  Working in an industrial environment is not glitz and glam. But it just goes to show that it is very possible to have beauty and brains.

She was born in Chicago and moved to Texas when she was about the age of five. She was put into a very small Christian private school where she quickly learned to lean on God for answers. "I had bowed to my fate taking into consideration I had to coexist in a dual Hindu/Christian life. Trying to find harmony within the two cultures was difficult for me to evaluate on my own, especially as a child." she explained.

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