In 2013 Erin Brady became the first delegate from the state of Connecticut to be crowned Miss USA. She represented the United States at the 62nd annual Miss Universe competition on November 9, 2013, vying to succeed outgoing titleholder Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo of the U.S. She eventually placed in the top 10 exactly at 6th place.

Nearly 5 years after she passed on her crown, Erin Brady retraces her steps toward victory and accounts for all the lessons she has learned throughout her reign as Miss USA. Check out my exclusive interview with her below !

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Each year, women around the country have this same experience of a lifetime. Whether they are competing for Miss United States, Miss USA, or Miss America, this life-changing moment is a constant. Most people who have never been around the pageant world don’t know what happens after the crown is placed on the winner's head. Winning the title doesn’t just mean that you get to walk around looking pretty with a crown on your head.

The gorgeous Michelle McEwan, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss USA 2018 in a few months,  would like to empower women to be confident, courageous, ambitious, leaders, and more than just a pretty face - "My experience has been filled with an overwhelming amount of support and positivity and I wouldn’t change that for anything" - she explained.

If she wins the crown Michelle will have the opportunity to represent the United States at Miss Universe 2018. Did you know ? New Hampshire has had little success at Miss USA, and has only placed four times. Two of those placings have been in the past ten years, with Bridget Vezina placing 1st runner-up to Lynnette Cole at Miss USA 2000, and the semi-finals placement of Vanessa Bissanti at Miss USA 2004.

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World Diabetes Day has been celebrated every year on Nov. 14 since 2006. There are 422 million people in the world are living with Diabetes, according to the World Health Organization. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation estimates 40,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes every year. 

The general public remains unaware that elevated levels of blood glucose are associated with long-term damage to the body and the failure of various organs and tissues. Diabetes can result in short- and long-term complications, many of which – if not prevented and left untreated – can be fatal.

Catherine York, who'll be competing for the crown of Miss US Supranational 2018, choose to start competing in beauty pageants in order to help spread the message of using healthy food to help with the treatment of diabetes - "I was nannying a little girl with Type 1 Diabetes a couple of years ago and she was so sad that there weren’t many famous celebrities with diabetes. So after having Type 1 Diabetes for the past eight years myself" - she explained.

Outside of pageantry, Catherine is a full time college student. She is currently getting her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences and she's also dual enrolled in an accelerated Master’s in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She is a supervisor in one of the labs, and in leadership roles in two clubs on campus. She's also performing research on an infant formula that is seeking FDA approval - "I'm definitely busy outside of the pageant world, but with proper organization, I can stay on top of everything!"

If she wins the crown Catherine will have the opportunity to represent the United States at Miss Supranational 2018. Did you know ? The first Miss Supranational competition began life in 2009. The first ever group of contestants came from almost 40 countries around the world, today after 8 years the number has doubled to more than 80 competitors from every continent.

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You don't always win the crown on your first try but Taylor Jamison wants to show you how to use perseverance to win the crown regardless of what title you want to win.

Taylor won the title of Teen Universe United States 2018 and will have the opportunity to represent the United States at the Teen Universe Pageant in Nicaragua this february. The young lady would like to encourage every young woman to leave her mark and never stop until she reaches her biggest goals. Through many aspects in life as well as pageantry she wants to influence young people to be the best version of themselves even if the road is not easy.

Here we bring you the untold facts about Taylor’s life and also her ideas, objectives and opinions… Have a look!

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!  It’s crazy that lack of height somehow contributes to lack of beauty.  That’s the age old stereotype they at USA Petite Miss are here to break down. Consider this Miss America crowned their first beauty queen in 1921 and she was 5’1″, after that there have only been five petite queens throughout the pageants history.  That’s crazy! Exactly, why the USA Petite System was created for petite women 5’6″ and under.  And over hundred thousand petite women have joined the petite fashion movement!

The USA Petite Pageant was founded in 2009 by Hazely Corp. The areas of competition include swimsuit, evening gown, judge interview, and on-stage question.

Here are the current titleholders : 

- Teen Ambassador Petite 2017: Codie Kramer
- USA Petite Teen 2017: Angelika Gonzalez
- USA Petite Miss 2017: Jenna Kienbaum
- USA Petite Ms. 2017: Neisha Molina
- USA Petite Mrs. 2017: Leah Jensen

The USA Petite system has been around for several years but does not have official state prelims in all 50 states. The beautiful Dania Denise, who won the crown of USA Petite Ms in 2015, is committed to changing that, starting with her home state of California and establishing the California Petite competition - "After being crowned USA Petite Ms. 2015, I fell in love with the USA Petite system. The fact that this system exists is the reason I was able to continue pursuing pageantry in my 30s and gave me a renewed sense of purpose. I knew I wanted to bring those same opportunities and platforms to other women who are not only older and have “aged out” a long time ago in the other systems but that happen to be shorter than most pageants would care to represent" - she explained.

Petite women have always been overlooked in many aspects and Dania knows that by growing the USA Petite system and implementing State Preliminaries in all 50 states is what it will take for petite women of all shapes, sizes and ages to have their shot in the pageantry spotlight."It is because of the need for this demographic to be properly represented that I wouldn’t consider becoming a director in the Miss USA system or any other system at this time. I’m exactly where I belong and where I’m needed and it feels great!"

 I had the opportunity to interview Dania on her pageant experience as a titleholder and director. Lets know a little more about this beautiful and inspiring woman through this interview!

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Apart from a strong emphasis on environmental protection programs, the Miss Earth organization aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations. Every year, 90 to 100 candidates from all over the world compete on beauty and knowledge of environmental issues.

The beautiful Jasmina Cunmulaj will have the opportunity to represent the state of Michigan at the 2018 Miss Earth United States Contest this summer. She explained what it would mean if she won. Jasmina said "My goal is to bring the crown home! Being Miss Michigan Earth United States, I have a big responsibility while competing in an environmentally driven pageant and also living in the “Great Lakes State”. I would like to take away from this whole experience the best version of myself, with great friendships and memories that I can treasure for a lifetime while making a difference along the way and setting a good example for young girls all around!"

Did you know ? Andreia Gibau of Massachusetts is the reigning Miss Earth United States! This fall, she spent 4 weeks representing the USA at the top ranking Miss Earth pageant in the Philippines. This year's pageant will be July 10-15, 2018 in Washington, DCincluding three age divisions that advance to the international stage: Teen age 15-19, Miss age 19-26, & Elite age 26-34.

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