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Are Former Miss Teen USA Candidates Frontrunners of Miss USA?

It's that time of the year again, state pageant season! With state pageant season in full swing, we will see many familiar faces returning to compete for a state crown, and the chance to compete at the national Miss USA pageant held in the spring. We will see many new faces as well.With a record number of former Miss Teen USA competitors vying for the Miss USA crown in 2014, the number has been quite minimal so far for 2015. To many pageant fans, the former Teen titleholders are the said “frontrunners” competing at the greatest pageant in America. This can be very questionable to some people, including myself.

Are the former Teen titleholders really the frontrunners of Miss USA?

Alyssa Campanella as Miss New Jersey Teen USA.
Alyssa Campanella as Miss New Jersey Teen USA.

We have seen many former Teens place remarkably at Miss USA. Take this year's Miss North Dakota Audra Mari for example, she represented that same state in 2011 in the Teen pageant, and placed as first runner up. Just three short years later, she - once again - placed first runner-up to our Nia Sanchez. Along with Audra, we have Alyssa Campanella. Alyssa held the title of Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2007. She then went on to compete at the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant placing first runner up as well. Four years later, she won the title of Miss California USA 2011 and later that same year, Alyssa would then capture the title of Miss USA 2011. Reading about these two ladies placing remarkably at both pageants, can make you think for sure the former Teen titleholders are the definite frontrunners at Miss USA.

Lexi Atkins, Miss Illinois USA 2014 and 1st runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2010

But this next part might get you thinking. In the topic of placing first runner up at Miss Teen USA, lets also take Lexi Atkins, this year's representative of Illinois for example. She's a former Miss Illinois Teen USA, placing first runner up at the 2010 Miss Teen USA pageant. By winning Miss Illinois USA last fall, Lexi would then compete at the Miss USA pageant in June 2014. Four years after placing first runner up at Miss Teen USA, Lexi was a frontrunner in many people's eyes, as well as my own. The night of the 2014 Miss USA pageant, the hosts announced the names of 20 lucky ladies who were one step closer to the crown. Of those 20 ladies, Lexi's name was not called. After her remarkable placement at Miss Teen USA, this was quite shocking. I myself as a pageant fan thought for sure we were going to hear her name called into that Top 20.

Lexi Atkins, Miss Illinois USA 2014.
Lexi Atkins, Miss Illinois USA 2014.

It's quite a confusing topic if you ask me. What could it mean that some former Teen titleholders place remarkably at the national pageant, and others don't? Definitely makes you think that’s for sure. Are the former Teen titleholders the real frontrunners of Miss USA? Or is this just the opinion of individuals?

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