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Olivia Culpo about Donald Trump Miss USA Controversy

Former Miss USA and Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo withdraws as a judge for Miss USA 2015! In an exclusive interview with Cosmpolitan, Olivia Culpo revealed that she cannot be involved in Miss USA with clear conscience while also noting that she didn't know much about Miss Universe Organization before joining it. The former dual titleholder also applauded the actions taken against Donald Trump and hopes for a change.

Olivia Culpo's words

When I heard Mr. Trump's initial comments, my immediate gut reaction was to withdraw my involvement in the pageant, but I felt such a sense of obligation to the employees at the Miss Universe organization and the 51 women who had, like me, anxiously awaited the opportunity to compete for the title of Miss USA.

Olivia Culpo with Donald Trump at the Miss Universe 2012 Press Conference in Las Vegas
Olivia Culpo with Donald Trump at the Miss Universe 2012 Press Conference in Las Vegas

I do not believe that Mr. Trump's comments are a true reflection of the values of this organization at all. The employees who work 24/7 to give people the opportunity to grow as I did and contribute to countless charities are the real heart and soul of Miss USA and Miss Universe.

Unfortunately, though, I had to pull away from the pageant, because I could not be involved with a clear conscience. Although I worry that the women involved in the 2015 Miss USA have lost out on much of the opportunity that
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