Miss Belgique 2017: Meet the candidates

Miss Belgium 2017 will be crowned in January 2017. The winner will compete at Miss World 2017 while the first runner-up will go to Miss Universe.

Lenty Frans Miss Belgium 2016 of Antwerp will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Elisa Arnold
Elisa Arnould

Maithé Rivera Armayones Maithé Rivera Armayones

Raphaella Deuringer Raphaella Deuringer

Leentje Jorissen
Leentje Jorissen

Eva Mira Eva Mira

Anjejoline Stevens Anjejoline Stevens

Amandine Charlier Amandine Charlier

Delphine Devos Delphine Devos

Laurie Ledoux Laurie Ledoux

Jennifer Roberechts Jennifer Roberechts

Shirin Rotty Shirin Rotty

Deborah Schols Deborah Schols

Myriam Sahili Myriam Sahili

Elisabeth Van Dijck Elisabeth Van Dijck

Aurélie Vannerom Aurélie Vannerom

Charlotte Rau Charlotte Rau

Noémie Depré Noémie Depré

Charlotte Bulcke Charlotte Bulcke

Ellen Bacquaert Ellen Bacquaert

Ellen Caen Ellen Caen

Romane Schotte Romane Schotte

Liesbeth Claus Liesbeth Claus

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