Priyanka Chopra

Former Miss World takes Heroes Superstar to bed !

Bollywood diva and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra has released her new single 'I Can’t Make You Love Me’, the electro pop version of Bonnie Raitt’s original 1991 smash hit that goes by the same title.

The teaser features the starlet on a couch and a few seconds into the clip Milo Ventimiglia is on top of her.

According to PinkVilla and Talking about what made Milo Ventimiglia the ideal guy for the song, Priyanka Chopra said, "I approached this video almost like a movie with every scene broken down to the minutest detail. The directors, Jon and Jeff, and I were very clear that we needed someone who could not only look a certain way but also be able to portray the emotions required for this video. Milo is kinda like the “bad boy you want to take home to meet the parents” and was the perfect choice for us all! He was super cool to work with… fun, easy, involved and so talented. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!"



Commenting on being part of the new video, Milo Ventimiglia said,” "I’ve always admired the vibrancy and depth of Bollywood films, so working with Priyanka was an amazing and enriching experience. She had such a clear and unique vision for the video, so it was really cool to see each of those moments come to life in the form of a mini movie. Her passion, talent, and beauty are inspiring, how could I not fall in love with her"


Priyanka Chopra strikes a pose with Bollywood Superstar Bipasha Basu


Priyanka Chopra last night at IIFA Awards.

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