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Tess Alexander is Miss World Australia 2015

Tess Alexander from Queensland was crowned Miss World Australia 2015. She will represent her country at Miss World 2015. She succeeds to Courtney Thorpe who represented Australia at Miss World 2014 in London where she made the TOP 5. Miss World Australia identifies with young women who exemplify beauty, talent, intelligence and compassion and who use their presence and power to positively impact on their communities. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Variety Australia.

She has had 6 years experience of modeling and lived in Italy for 2 years on her own to model. Her best job was for Vogue Sposa bridal magazine in Italy. She is under contract with Chadwick. " In my role as a personal trainer, I am lucky enough to facilitate and foster positive changes in my clients lifestyles, both mentally and physically. Seeing these changes manifest themselves on a daily basis allows me to see my people skills being used in a positive way, and this is one of the elements that drew me towards the Miss World foundation." Alexander said.

Tess Alexander working as a model
Tess Alexander working as a model

Tess Alexander about Miss World

"Miss World to me is someone who is an empowering role model... someone who will serve as an ambassador to charity, enrich the perception of beauty, and enhance a new strength, energy and spirit for the advancement of women, while positively impacting their communities..Someone who can send a little light to people in need." said the beauty queen.

Her fundraising activity

My fundraising focus has been called "All you KNIT is love", where members of the Brisbane community knit personalized squares.. which have been sewn together to create quilts, to donate to children who are forced to spend a majority of their lives in hospitals. Whilst they are receiving treatment in hospitals, which can often be cold and sterile environments, the children will receive a colourful and warm blanket which will remind them that there are everyday people in the outside world.. who are conscious of their plight. I set myself the goal of raising $5000, and to date I have raised $3500 and have hand made 20, brightly coloured snuggly blankets.

Tess Alexander is an Australian model and also a trainer
Tess Alexander is an Australian model and also a trainer

via instagram
via instagram

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