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Natasha Hemmings is Miss England 2015

Natasha Hemmings was crowned Miss England 2015 at the end of the beauty pageant held on August 14, 2015. She will represent England at Miss World 2015 on 19 December 2015 at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre in China.

Hemmings succeeds to Carina Tyrrell who represented her country at Miss World 2014 in London where she became the third runner-up.

Natasha, who has just finished her first year studying English Literature at the University of Nottingham, is keen to break the stereotypes that surround the competition. “It’s not just a beauty pageant,” she said. With her crown Natasha hopes to use the platform to continue to promote deserving charities - "People look at you, people listen to you more with this title. It’s a great opportunity to get your message across”.

Natasha encourages girls who are interested in applying to be in the competition, but also has some words of advice for those who think it’s an easy ride.

“Apply. See what happens. It’s not a scary thing; there are not loads of people there. It’s just fun. You’ll boost your confidence massively and you’ll make loads of friends. The hard part is the lead up to it. You’ll have to work for it.”

Natasha Hemmings after her crowning as Miss England 2015
Natasha Hemmings after her crowning as Miss England 2015

Miss England 2015 Final Results

TOP 5 : Miss Wild Card, Jessica Page - Miss Cheltenham, Sophie Smith - Miss Nottingham, Rebecca Drysdale - Miss Manchester, Jodi Eyre - Miss Cheshire, Natasha Hemmings.

TOP 15

Top Fundraiser – Miss Surbiton,Charlotte Rudham.

Miss Eco – Miss Nottingham,Rebecca Drysdale.

Beach Beauty– Miss Liverpool,Jennifer McSween.

Miss Popularity -Miss Cheshire,Natasha Hemmings.

Fresh Modelesque – Miss Cornwall,Briony-Mae Reynolds.

Miss Sportswoman– Miss Leicestershire, Holly Desai.

Top Model– Miss Hippodrome, Isobelle Allen.

Brains and Beauty – Miss Hampsire, Larissa Hirst.

Talent– Miss South Yorkshire, Stephanie Hill.

Publicity -Miss Cheltenham, Sophie Smith.

Miss Billion Dollar Smile -Miss Manchester, Jodi Eyre.

Judges Choice – Miss Berkshire, Daisy Whetlor.

Judges Choice-Miss Wild Card, Jessica Page.

Judges Choice -Miss Rickmansworth, Charlotte White.

Judges Choice -Miss Norwich, Cheraleigh Van Zenten.
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