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Happy birthday Miss Philippines, Valerie Weigmann

Happy Birthday Valerie Weigmann, PHILIPPINES!

The Miss World contestants wished Valerie Weigmann a very happy birthday!

Valerie Weigmann

Valerie Weigmann

Valerie Weigmann shared on Facebook a message about her birthday "One word: AMAZING! That's truly the best way to describe my whole birthday experience here in London with my fellow Miss World sisters and the great staff that are making this whole Miss World experience possible.

I'm just so blessed to have spent my special day with 120 absolutely stunning girls so full of visions to improve the lives of others. My birthday was not just an ordinary celebration, it was truly a celebration of UNITY and DIVERSITY which made me realize that we should treat each day as if its our birthday.

I also wanted to thank Misses Thailand, India, Myanmar and Indonesia for surprising me with a very delicious pizza accompanied with special gifts from their lovely countries that I'm so thrilled to visit!!! (Will post a seperate picture with my asian sisters asap! ) THANK YOU AT MARAMING SALAMAT! This was by far one of the most AMAZING birthdays ever!!!"

Valerie Weigmann London

Valerie Weigmann
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