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Confessions of a Miss: Julia Gama, Miss World Brazil 2014

Just before she leaves her country for the Miss World, Julia Gama, Miss World Brazil 2014, grants us with this special interview were she talks about her experience as the representative of the South American country at one of the most prestigious pageants in the world.

Who is Julia Gama, Miss World Brazil ?

A girl full of dreams, thirst for living, for giving her all in all the opportunities that life throws at her. I'm passionate about my family, friends and my studies. I just strive to live every moment as fully as possible, looking always to leave a positive mark wherever I go.

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you were crowned the new Miss World Brazil? Did you dream with that moment as a child?

I was overwhelmed with happiness! I had worked so hard for that moment, but I was really new to all this beauty peagant world, and I was competing with all these beautiful girls who had always been in peagants since they were kids. To think I could actually win was something very utopic! From that moment on I was sure that, with the honor of representing the Brazilian people and showing our culture to the world, it was going to be a huge responsibility to be a positive example, specially for the youth. I wanted more than anything in the world, to be worthy, through my actions, of the biggest beauty title in my country and use it for a great purpose!

Who is your favorite Miss World and why?

Linor Abargil, because she is the example of a Miss by her soul. The way that she managed her own hardships and the way that, one year later, she was still engaged with the world to make it a better place. A real inspiration.

Julia Gama Miss Brazil
Julia Gama smiling!

Julia Gama and her preparation for Miss World 2014

How do you prepare yourself for the Miss World 2014 competition?

The Miss Brazil Organization was incredible with me. The first months I had to leave my city to be closer to the entire team and dedicate myself entirely to our social project. Those were amazing months, during which we not only became a great team, but also a big family.

After that, I had the great opportunity to travel to China, where I enjoyed an incredible month with the team from the image consulting agency Alexander Vogue. A group of Venezuelans, who, with an extensive and demanding routine of classes, showed me, all in all, the steps to be a successful woman. I am very thankful for the blessing of this unique experience.

The Beauty With A Purpose fast-track is considered the most important competition in the pageant, as it approaches the major issues of the society. What can you tell us about your project?

The Beauty With A Purpose in Brazil I can say was the biggest experience of my life. Long before participating in the pageant, when I was just a chemical engineer student, there was a region in Brazil that always caught my attention, it pulled at my heartstrings. The Gramacho Garden, in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro. The biggest recycling field in the whole world. Forgotten by everyone, where kids and pigs live together in the middle of all the waste. You cant even find it on Google Maps! And with the title of Miss Brazil I became the ambassador for the fight against leper in my country.

On that project, I traveled Brazil with awareness campaigns, bringing them to schools and hospitals to try and change; the unfonrtunate fact that Brazil is the 2nd country in the world with most leprosy cases. Moreover, this year we finally adopted Gramacho Garden as our pilot village, where we implemented clean water, capacitation courses, and with lots of work we managed to get big donatives for food and school supplies to promote educational platforms. Most of all, we could see, in the kids eyes, that we were bringing them some kind of hope. An I can say that truly changed my life.

Do you think Brazil has become a power-house of beauty queens?

Absolutely yes, every year Brazilian girls are showing more and more how well prepared they are to take on this great commitment. I think its because people are realizing that to be a beauty queen you need a lot more than outer beauty. Empathy, charisma, intelligence and love.

Miss Brazil Julia Gama wears face paint during the Miss World sports competition at the Lee Valley sports complex in north London
Miss Brazil Julia Gama wears face paint during the Miss World sports competition at the Lee Valley sports complex in north London

For three years, Brazil has classified to the semifinalists group and two of them have been “Queen of the Americas”. What do you think they lacked to take the crown?

Yessss, what a huge resposability right?! I’m sure both Mariana Notarangelo and Sancler Frantz gave their all. I see them as winners, successful! They are truly an inspiration for me. However, so many countries but only one could have the crown, and here I do think it was just destiny. What is ours, no one can take it away, we have to work hard to get it.

How do you think the success of the reign of a Miss World is measured?

The essence of the Miss World Organization is the belief of a better world starting with our actions. In this sense, a Miss World that dedicates herself to honor this great purpose, and give all her love and effort during her year as queen, to make the difference and become a great example, is a successful Miss World.

What are your main goals for the future, apart from becoming the next Miss World?

The experience as Miss Brazil World has already showed me so many things, it has made me mature and be sensitive. My greatest ambition is to have a full life with the people that I love, and become a diplomat so I can make a difference in many people’s lives.

 Behind closed doors…

A book: Flicts, Ziraldo
A movie: Un Cuento Chino
A place: High places
The person you admire the most: My grand-mother
Your favorite song: Where have all the flowers gone
A quote: *In portuguese "Quando Pedro fala para mim sobre Paulo, passo a saber mais de Pedro que de Paulo"
One thing you must have on your purse: Almonds
A scent: Vanilla essence
The secret of your success: the Happiness!

 A message for those who have being supporting you and the readers of MissUniversUsa.com

Thank you so much for your support!!! Your motivating words mean so incredibly much to me! I will do my best to keep you updated on everything that goes on the backstage dressers of Miss World 2014!!! Big kiss!!!

Thank you Julia for letting us have this interview with you, good luck at Miss World! Special thanks to Sonia Lim. 
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