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Olivia Culpo Miss Universe with Miss Usa Erin Brady and Miss Teen Usa Cassidy Wolf enjoy good times together.

After their morning with children for Project Sunshine association, you can see all pictures here. Trump Trio, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, Miss Usa Erin Brady, the new Miss Teen Usa and Julie Hammer (Official HairStylist for Miss California USA & Miss California Teen USA Makeup) spent their day together (tonight they were at restaurant). They are linked because they are in the same appartment in New York in colocation and Cassidy is very well integrated into Miss Universe family. All the year, the 3 beauty queens became really friends, I remember in 2010 relation between Rima Fakih (Miss Usa 2010), Ximena Navarrete (Miss Universe 2010) and Kamie Crawford (Miss Teen Usa 2010), they were so accomplices that they consider themselves like sisters. The 2013 trio (even if Olivia is Miss Universe 2012) is so beautiful, they have 3 different typical beauties. I love Olivia's outfit, she is very stylish with that mix of colors between yellow and electric blue, and I love belly shirt which is for me the 2013 trend!






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