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Nick Jonas with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, it's official !

This is official, Miss Universe's little sister Sophia Culpo (15 years) (Olivia Culpo also has one big sister Aurora, and 2 brothers) posted this tweet who trouble all Jonas Brothers's fans who still doubted about Nick Jonas/Olivia Culpo couple : "IDK how I feel about the fact that I used to have 9 life sized posters (to be exact) of my sister current boyfriend all over my wall'. As One Direction Band or a Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers are very popular among teenagers, consequently Olivia is attack by a lot of haters and crazy groupies, that's so sad how people are jealous about their happiness. Now we are waiting for official events of the couple :) I also add new pictures when Olivia Culpo was spotted during a caritative football match with Nick Jonas in California.



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