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2015 Miss Universe Contestants threatened by "fans"

The hate and bullying that's been being implemented by many people towards some of the 2015 Miss Universe Contestants online is getting ridiculous.

Let us stand for the true advocacy of all pageants as a whole the "World Peace". 2015 Miss Universe Contestants have been harassed by "fans" who have been insulting, bashing, and even making threats against Miss Universe Germany, Sarah Lorraine Riek. A few days ago the german queen said that she did not vote for Miss Philippines. The hashtag “Dear Miss Germany” became a hot topic on Twitter in the country, with Filipino netizens expressing their dismay over Riek’s statements. But Sarah just expressed her support for Ariadna because of her humiliation

Also, can we stop hating Ariadna Gutierrez Miss Colombia for posting her pictures of Instagram about being "your Miss Universe" because she obviously was referring to her fellow Colombians. Like the Colombian president said to her "You'll always be our Miss Universe."

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Everyone commits mistake and we all have imperfection or flaws within us but let us focus more on the brighter side of each and everyone of us. 

Cecilie Wellemberg Miss Universe Denmark 2015 reacts to the controversy on Facebook

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Filipinos react to the controversy

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