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Q&A: Five questions with Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega

At the age of 22, the dream of Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia, came true as she won the Miss Universe Pageant last january. Coming from a country where fans anxiously await the Miss Universe Pageant as they do the World Cup Finals, people in Colombia flooded the streets after Paulina's historic win.

2 months after her crowning, Vega spoke to Hollywood Magazine about the beginning of her reign. Those are very strong statements!

What is the biggest challenge of being in a pageant ?

I think the biggest challenge is, when you decide to participate, to live with certain stereotypes. Some people think it's only about beauty and physical appearance but it really is a job and a lot of hard work goes into it.

How do you make your best each every day ?

I just like to wake up every day and be grateful for what I have. I feel lucky to be here and being aware of what the world can offer.

What has motivated you throughout the pageant whirlwind ?

My country has always been the biggest motivation for me. Pageants are a big, big deal where I am from and winning Miss Universe was just so huge. The whole country celebrated for days. I was just so proud and excited for Colombia.

Miss Universe Paulina Vega by Fadil Berisha
Miss Universe Paulina Vega by Fadil Berisha

How do you encourage young women to believe in themselves ?

I just encourage young women to see themselves as having worth and I try to stress to them that perfection is not real so love your flaws. I only started to feel beautiful when I learned to do that so I encourage girls to be confidently beautiful.

How did the Miss Colombia title prepare you to give to your community ?

The main purpose of Miss Colombia is to give back. When I won that crown, I helped more than fifty different organizations. My main goal was to raise my voice for the ones that don't have one. Nothing prepares you. You just have to have the desire to help others and make a difference.

Paulina Vega Official Picture
Paulina Vega with her crown. The Miss Universe organization noted that the crown “symbolizes and expresses the beauty, stability, confidence and power of women around the world.”
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