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Miss Universe should change their name to "Miss Latina"

Miss Israel Universe 2013 Yityish Aynaw posted this on her Facebook Page, and somehow we agree, and somehow not!

" I think Miss Universe should change their name to " Miss Latina " instead . So the rest of the other race wont get their hopes up. Always The SAME people win : USA , Venezuela, Puertorico, Colombia, Venezuela again, USA again and they put only 1 black beauty every year to comepete SOMETIMES NO BLACK girls.

I thought Miss Jamaica or Miss Netherlands should have won FOR at least Trying to anwer the question in english. Congrats Miss Universe 2015 is : Columbia's Translator ! Latina or USA ( latina look , like Olivia Culpo ) already expected winner Next Year ! "

The culture of Beauty Pageants in Latin America

It's true that so many people are bored with Latina winners of Miss Universe, but we have to admit that Miss Universe is very popular in Latin America, especially in Venezuela where Miss Universe is considered as a religion. Also, countries in Latin America prepare their queens very well.

Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega in New York
Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega in New York

Pageants are not really popular in Europe and middle east at all, even people in these two regions say it's for dumb women! The last Miss Universe from Europe was Mona Grudt from Norway, 25 years ago!

Mona Grudt Miss Universe 1990
Mona Grudt from Norway Miss Universe 1990

The culture of Beauty Pageants in Asia

While a few Asian countries are carrying about pageants including, Philippines,  India (a big part of their beauty queens like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai or Lara Dutta are now Bollywood Superstars), Thailand ( needs well organized staff), Indonesia (on their way to achieve better placements in future).

While Africa lacks sponsors and preparations, and so many people in that continent suffers from further bad situations so pageants are not their priority! So Latinas are the best to win Miss Universe so far.
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