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LIVE UPDATE: Miss World 2014

Welcome to the LIVE UPDATE of the Miss World 2014 pageant here in MissUniversUsa.com! You can find in here all the details, news of the final of one of the most important beauty pageants in the world. 

2:30 PM - An introduction of this Miss World 2014. Videos of the trips and Beauty with a Purpose projects and Charity event.

2:39 PM - Video of the Sports Challenge at Miss World 2014 pageant.

2:42 PM - Video of the Talent Competition at Miss World 2014.

2:49 PM - Contestants share their experience with their roomates!

2: 53 PM - Funny video of the Miss World 2013, Megan Young and Frankie Cena, host of the show, at the Marriott Hotel in London were they share the inside scoops of working in a 5-star hotel!

3:00 PM - The MISS WORLD 2014 begins!! We can see the presentation of the singer Sky Blu from LMFAO.

3:04 PM - Dances of the World presentation!

3:12 PM - The hosts appear! Welcome to the show!

3:18 PM - Presentation of the Contestants.

3:32 PM - First Leaderborders: France, South Sudan, Brazil, Hungary, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, China PR, Haiti, Scotland, England, Ghana, Guinea...

3:34 PM - Sing off to determine the winner of the Talent Competition between Scotland and Malaysia. First, Scotland.

3:38 PM - Sports Competition! Third place: South Africa; Second Place: Hungary; First place: Finland.

3:40 PM - Multimedia Winner: United States!

3:41 PM - Top Model Winner: Bosnia & Herzegovina!

3:42 PM - Beach Fashion Winner: Sweden!

3:43 PM - Talent Competition Winner: Malaysia!

3:44 PM - UPDATE OF THE LEADERBOARD: Hungary, South Africa, United States, India, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Scotland, England, Russia, Malaysia, Finland, Vietnam, South Sudan...

3:46 PM - TOP 5, Beauty With a Purpose: India, Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia and Guyana. All five contestants are Beauty With a Purpose winners! Unlike other years where there we had ONLY one winner, this year we have five!

3:47 PM - Presentation of the Beauty With a Purpose Winners projects.

3:55 PM - TOP 25: Bolivia, Brazil, China PR, Dominican Republic, England, Mexico, Guyana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Sudan, Vietnam, Finland, Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands, Philippines, Australia, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago and United States. 

3:58 PM - Presentation of The Vamps.

4:08 PM - Presentation of The Vamps with Miss World contestants!

4:12 PM - Tribute to Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994!

4:22 PM - TOP 10: United States, Mexico, Hungary, Brazil, Guyana, Australia, England, Kenya, South Africa and India. 

4:23 PM - People's Choice Winner: Thailand! She enters directly to the Top 10.

4:25 PM - Presentation of thepanel of judges.

4:29 PM - TOP 5: Hungary, Australia, South Africa, United States and England.

4:35 PM - Final Question.

4:48 PM - Tribute to Julia Morley, CEO of Miss World. 

4:58 PM - 2nd runner-up: United States; 1st runner-up: Hungary; MISS WORLD 2014: SOUTH AFRICA!!

5:01 PM - END OF THE SHOW. Thank you for following with us the Miss World 2014, see you next year!

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