Miss Universo

Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall in the Maldives

Multi Million dollar and former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins is enjoying a vacation in the Maldives with husband Jake Wall. More than one year ago, on June 4, 2013, Jennifer married her long-time love Jake in Bali. Also, Hawkins accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you can see the video here.

Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins in the maldives

jake wall and jennifer hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins in the maldives

Maldives Jake Wall and Jennifer Hawkins

Hawkins wearing a Cozi Swimsuit

jennifer hawkins maldives

According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer's Bondi apartment in Sydney is on the market just one month after the stunner and her partner sold their North Curl Curl Mansion. The two bedroom, two bathroom luxury pad is expected to fetch more than $1.1 million when it goes up for auction on September 20.The apartment comes complete with elevated ocean views and is within walking distance of Australia's most famous beach. The Aussie beauty queen is expected to make a tidy profit on her Bondi investment, paying $895,000 for the 92 square metre apartment back in 2007.

jennifer hawkins apartment

jennifer hawkins luxury property
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