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Ana Luisa Montúfar crowned as Miss Universe Guatemala 2014

Saturday May 17th was the date where Ana Luisa Montúfar was crowned Miss Universe Guatemala 2014, which guarantees her attendance to the next edition of the worldwide-known pageant Miss Universe. The event took place on the Fantasía Theatre from the recreative park of Irtra Mundo Petrapa located in Guatemala City.

Montúfar is a twenty year old woman originary from the capital of Guatemala and stands 1.73 m (5'8"). An interesting fact is that she has previously competed in a Grand-Slam pageant, as she represented the Central American country in the Miss Earth 2011, though she did not placed in the semifinalists group. Besides, she has a wide experience in participating on local pageants such as the Miss Teen Guatemala and has a prominent modelling carreer by working in numerous campaigns alongside other famous models in her country like Miss Universe Guatemala 2012, Laura Godoy. The Guatemalan beauty was one of the favorites to win the crown with Keyla Bermúdez.

Ana Luisa participated last year in the Miss Guatemala pageant, which was under a different director from this year's.

In the pageant, were also awarded the crowns of Miss World Guatemala to Keyla Bermudez from Livingston and the Miss International Guatemala to Claudia Herrera, who represented the region of Guatemala Este. Also another awards given were the Señorita Amistad (Miss Friendship) to Claudia Herrera, Miss Beauty & Best Fantasy Costume for Keyla Bermudez and Best Figure & Top Model to the now Miss Guatemala Universe 2014.

Now, Ana Luisa hails as one of the strongest candidates for Latin America in the Miss Universe by having experience in the pageant world, which is always a plus for candidates in any contest, even if it is a Grand-Slam or not. Clearly this is woman to watch-out, she can be one of the surprises in the upcoming Miss Universe that already creates a lot of expectations in the community of pageant lovers.

Claudia Herrera, Miss International Guatemala (left; Ana Luisa Montúfar, Miss Universe Guatemala (center; Keyla Bermudez, Miss World Guatemala (right).
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