Miss Universo

South Africa’s New Beauty Queen

The gorgeous Rolene Strauss, a young brunette, will represent her country at Miss Universe 2014 and Miss World 2014. A lot of fans of beauty pageants said she looks like Miss World 2013 1st runner-up from France, Marine Lorphelin.

Rolene Strauss radiantly happy after winning the Miss South Africa 2014 pageant.

Rolene Strauss  originally from  Mpumalanga is the  new Miss South  Africa for Miss  World and Miss  Universe pageants.  The 21- year-old  with a height of 1.77  m and medical student received the title on Sunday at the end of the contest from Pretorian beauty Marilyn Ramos at the Sun City Superbowl. At an early age of 8, Rolene Strauss witnessed the crowning of Miss SA in the year 2000, when Jo-Ann Strauss won the title. The two are not related to each other - they coincidentally share the same surname. She dreamed of winning the title one day, and scooped the title herself in March 2014. So, congratulations to her! After her crowning, she said on her twitter account @RoleneStrauss 'My dream is now a reality. Thank you for believing in me and my ability to represent our beautiful nation! Proudly South African.' and 'Thanks for all the kind words, mean the world to know there are people dreaming with me. All my love.'

Rolene Strauss is a medical student, also like Marine Lorphelin, and is currently studying towards her degree at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, but is originally from Volksrust, Mpumalanga.

Also, Rolene placed in the Top 5 of Miss South Africa 2011 when Melinda Bam became the new titleholder of Miss SA 2011. I'm sure South Africa will rock again for Miss Universe.

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